A day in Coventry

what i got up to in coventry

Firstly, I am wearing a monochrome stripe shift dress from Missguided, my leather jacket is from Dorothy Perkins and the peep toe ankle boots are from Boohoo. I wore this outfit to Coventry recently when I went there to see Cougar the musical at Belgrade Theatre, the following day me and my friend walked around Coventry and snapped these pictures. We had never visited Coventry before and we were looking forward to seeing all the historic buildings and of course the cathedral.

As we were on a bit of an adventure walking around sightseeing, I was dressed slightly unpractical to be walking on the cobbled streets of Coventry, but none the less we really enjoyed our time there. After we watched Cougar The Musical we went to get food at Wetherspoons and then went on to a bar called The Establishment and drank Woo Woo cocktails. The Establishment is located right outside the Cathedral if you walk in through the back way, the above photo with the chandelier was when we visited The Establishment during the day but on the night the place lit up with disco lights and they served cocktails for around £6 each.

After drinking cocktails we walked around the cathedral in an attempt to capture spooky looking images at 2am, we then went back to our hotel, we stayed at the Premier Inn Belgrade Plaza nearby. In the morning we checked out of the hotel and had a delicious breakfast at the Rising Cafe  (it’s a must visit) and we then visited the beautiful Holy Trinity Church and took photos of the stain glass windows, the church has been around since 1043, a friendly man in there told us stories about the church which I found fascinating as I love anything to do with history and old buildings.

We walked around the City Centre and popped into the West Orchards shopping centre which we were looking forward to going to after seeing photos of it, but it turned out a bit disappointing as there wasn't many shops in there. All the best shops like River Island, Topshop and Primark were outside, they were probably the only popular shops I noticed when walking around the entire city centre.

The shopping centre may have been disappointing but the Cathedral wasn't, we visited the roofless ruins of the old cathedral which was bombed in the Coventry Blitz during the 1940s. Coventry was destroyed by ariel bombers during the second world war because Coventry did a lot of industrial work so the city posed as a threat. If you love anything to do with history and old buildings I would recommend visiting the cathedral because its beautiful and at night there's lighting that light ups the structure of the building which does give it a rather spooky look, especially when your two girls out taking photos of it at 2am alone.

Overall I had a great trip and it was lovely seeing a part of the West Midlands that I had never visited before.

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