Nivea - In Shower Body Moisturiser - Almond Oil

nivea in shower moisturiser - review

The concept of having an in shower body moisturiser is clever as it says that after a shower you can 'get dressed and go' which if your a busy person is great and time saving. I try to moisturise everyday after a shower but sometimes if I am in a rush I have to skip applying lotion and get dressed straightaway, which I hate doing as I love the after feeling of having moisturiser on by having a soft  and lightly fragranced body.

The Nivea in shower body moisturiser has the usual Nivea smell but with a slight hint of Almonds, which is lovely. I applied this moisturiser after using body wash, I applied it in the same way I would out of the shower, making sure I pay attention to elbows and knees. It says to leave on for two minutes and then wash it off, so I apply hair conditioner before this and then use this on my body and wait two minutes and wash them off at the same time so its not so time consuming. 

I find this product acts as a body conditioner, while your in the shower and waiting to wash it off it does have a slippery feel on the skin, and I would recommend having a non-slip bath mat or being extra cautious as this does make the shower slippery so be careful and when you get out wipe the floor of the shower before anyone else uses it.

Once you have dried your skin with a towel your skin does feel lovely and soft, and it does save a lot of time not having to apply moisturiser when you get out of the shower. When I am not in a rush I do still apply my usual Palmers body lotion as its a product I have always used. During the winter when I end up applying moisturiser less because when I get out the shower I just want to quickly get my clothes on, so I find I use this product more in the winter.

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Disclaimer: Product bought with own money. This is not a collaboration.