Siamais - Thai restaurant in Birmingham

1941 Cocktail

1941 Cocktail

Birmingham's new Thia cuisine & cocktail bar

There’s a new Thai restaurant in Birmingham called Siamais and since the opening I have been eager to visit. One because of the stunning gothic interior, two they promise spectacular cocktails and three serve up authentic Thai food – sounds like my dream place to spend an evening in the city! So, when the Brum Bloggers Facebook group, run by Ting and Laura were offering to set up blogger blind date nights with two complimentary cocktails and three courses – I obviously jumped at the chance to finally visit Birmingham’s newest restaurant and it did not disappoint!

My blind date for the evening was Melissa from Inside Melly’s Mind, we arrived at 7.30pm on a Thursday to find the bar and restaurant area full of people winding down after work with friends enjoying show stopping cocktails and beautifully presented dishes of Southeast Asian cuisine – as soon as I walked in and got a whiff and look of the food I couldn’t wait to get seated.

Because I’ve been so eager and looking forward to visiting, I already knew what three courses I was ordering after admiring the menu online weeks ago. For my first cocktail of the evening I picked from the ‘Book of Siam’ and chose the ‘Kiwi and Coconut Caipirinha’ (£8.50) consisting of sugar cane spirit with a delicate combination of coconut lime and kiwi. This was an enjoyable fruity-sweet drink but was very strong for my first alcoholic drink of the evening.

Tempura Prawns

Starter: Tempura Prawns

For starters, I went for the lightly battered ‘Tempura Prawns’ with salt and chilli (£7.50). These were gorgeous and cooked to perfection and I loved the marble plate they were beautifully presented on. It’s not very often I have chili peppers so I did find a few mouthfuls with them in very hot 🔥 and as the cocktail was very strong it didn’t help to cleanse my palette. We did ask two waiters for water throughout the evening, however, on both attempts it never arrived.

Main: Vegetable Massaman Curry

The main is what I was looking forward to the most, since I’ve recently became obsessed with Massaman Curry (did you spot my Massaman Curry recipe I did recently?). To cut the story short the Siamais vegetable massaman curry is amazing! Their take on it is a little different to mine and without a doubt I’ll be back to eat it, I’ve been dribbling at the thought of eating it again (okay, maybe not dribbling, but you get my point!).

The curry is cooked in coconut milk with potato, peanuts and onion, with a hint of star anise. I absolutely loved the delicious chunks of carrot, broccoli, cauliflower and baby sweetcorn with a sprinkle of crispy toppings in the sweet coconut sauce accompanied by light and fluffy rice. The only disappointing part was getting to the bottom of the dish and having no more to eat, I could have easily eaten another round of curry! 😋

Dessert: Salted Caramel Cake

And finally, just look at that smooth creamy pudding swirled with caramel, sat on a thin vanilla sponge topped with a rich sticky caramel with crumbled shortbread biscuit and sea salt. I’m a lover of all thing’s sweet so this salted caramel cake was a dream and its presentation is certainly Instagram worthy.  Melissa also went for this dessert and the whole time we were just like hmmm 😍.

To complete my impressive three courses, I went with the 1941 cocktail (£8.00) containing lychee and elder flower liquor shaken and served over crushed ice. I’ve been drinking a lot of lychee since being introduced to it at a restaurant review last year, so whenever I see this tropical fruit in a cocktail I just have to have it.

Overall my first-time experience of Siamais was fantastic, we loved the food, cocktails, interior, atmosphere and service – although if you ask for a jug of water you may be waiting awhile! 😂 Besides that, I highly recommend the place. To see more photos and interior shots head over to my Facebook page.

Disclaimer: Siamais invited me for review purposes, I got two cocktails and three courses complimentary. All words and photos are my own.