Phyto Paris haircare for coloured, damaged & dry hair

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Haircare for coloured, dry and damaged hair

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve paid to get your hair coloured and within a few washes the colour has begun to fade? Or your hair is dry and straw like and in desperate need of some moisture. If this is you, I may just have the solution you’re looking for. Phyto Paris kindly sent me some complimentary products for coloured, dry, brittle and damaged hair, so I’ve been putting them to the test for the past fortnight. It’s not very often I get sent hair products to review, so I couldn’t wait to try out Phyto Paris, a brand I had never heard of before, the luxurious gold packaging soon got my attention.

Phyto Paris Color Locker Pre-Shampooing

The Phyto Paris Color Locker Pre-Shampooing is best to use when you’ve just got your hair coloured. The pre-shampoo works by locking itself onto the hair fibre pigments to create a protective barrier, so the colour doesn’t wash away so easily.


The gel in oil texture has a gorgeous botanical scent from the fruits, hibiscus and apple extracts. To apply simply section your hair and pump the serum into your hand and work it into the hair from root to tip. My hair is very fine, so it doesn’t take long, but if your hair is thick you may need to use a lot more for full coverage. Leave it on your hair for at least two minutes before washing your hair with the colour-enhancing shampoo, I tend to leave it on for longer and put my hair up in a bun while I’m having breakfast before going in the shower. Use the pre-shampoo locker at least once a week.

Phyto Paris Color-enhancing shampoo

To wash out the pre-locker shampoo, apply the Phyto Paris Color-enhancing shampoo , start using it from day one every time you wash your hair to prevent your new colour from fading. The sulphate-free shampoo doesn’t lather up that much, but it does make hair look shiny and feel super soft. I’ve not had my hair coloured in a while, but I do use purple shampoos often to get rid of any brassy blonde tones in my hair, so I do feel that the Phyto Paris colour-enhancing shampoo has helped me need to use the purple shampoo less as its kept the silver tones in for longer.

Phyto Paris Cleansing Care Cream

Because I keep purple shampoos on my hair for 30 minutes or more every time I use it, it can make my hair feel really dry and brittle, so the Phyto Paris Cleansing Care Cream has been a lot more effective at keeping my hair soft and moisturised compared to keeping my usual conditioner on for longer.

The cleansing care cream is suitable for those with ultra-damaged, brittle and dry hair. It contains botanical keratin, baobab, buriti oils and Saponaria extract. Simply apply the cream onto sections of damp hair working it in from root to tip and keep on for 2 to 5 minutes or more for an intensive treatment to repair and regenerate the hair.

If you want to maintain your salon worthy hair for longer, Phyto Paris haircare is certainly worth investing in to prevent your colour from fading so quickly and to keep it in a soft and manageable condition.

Disclaimer: Complimentary products from Market Match PR. All photos and words are my own.