Holiday Hair - Salty Blonde Waves

Salty blonde waves is my holiday hair style savior, I love being on holiday and not having to fuss around styling my hair with straighteners or curlers, I like to give my hair a rest and let the sun and sea work its magic on my hair to create a natural brightness and curl.

touch of silver shampoo

When it comes to washing my hair on holiday I use a silver shampoo like Pro:Voke Touch of Silver to brighten up my dull blonde hair. My hair usually goes much brighter while I am out in the sun anyway so using this shampoo as well gives it that extra boost to give me a much lighter shade of blonde. Read my post on how to get rid of brassy tones and using white toners from Bleach London and Crazy Color to help you achieve the best blonde possible at home without causing damage.

garnier ultimate blends conditioner

Back at home when I use silver shampoo I use the matching brand conditioner too, but on holiday I get through a lot of conditioner as the sea can make my hair very dry and tangled, so I use loads of this Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner, as it makes my hair more manageable, soft and glossy. I also use conditioner to shave my legs, as it leaves my legs smooth and silky for longer which is just what you want when your on holiday. If your hair is dry, damaged and bleached you may find my Phyto Paris haircare post helpful.

bleach london swamp spritz

When swimming in the sea I usually let the sea salt give me that messy beach wave look, but on the days I don't go to the beach on holiday I use Bleach London Swamp Spritz which is my favourite of all sea salts that I have tried and tested over the years as it works really well and does not leave your hair sticky.

vo5 give me texture

To keep my natural curls in place I use VO5 Give me Texture which also contains sea salt, it works like a hairspray and gives you the hold you need yet brushes out easily without any tangles. It also doubles up as a dry shampoo and gives texture to your curls. If your hair lacks volume the Panasonic Nanoe and Dyson Supersonic are fantastic hairdryers for blow drying.

batiste dry shampoo

I have forever used the amazing Batiste dry shampoo so that goes everywhere with me, what I love most about it is not only does it refresh your hair so you can skip a wash but it lightens up your roots and gives them volume. If you are seeking more hair inspiration, check out my festival hairstyles post.

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Disclaimer: Products bought with own money.