VO5 - Dry Texturising Hair Spray with Sea Salt

hair essentials: dry shampoo & texturising spray in one

I am a big lover of messy bed head hair and I love how when your on holiday and the sea gives you natural tousled curls, so when I came across this VO5 Give me texture - Dry texturising Hair Spray with sea salt in Superdrug for around £3 I just had to buy it. 

I have used quite a few hair products containing sea salt, which I have used in the hope to get some effortless messy curls but they have never really done the job, but I use a lot of VO5 hair products including their hairspray so I had good expectations when I came to use this.

The spray also doubles up as a dry shampoo which is great because I am always refreshing my roots with dry shampoo even if its clean just to give it some volume. Before applying I washed and curled my hair as usual, I style my hair with loose beach waves, I then sprayed my hair with the dry texturising hairspray and roughed up the curls to break them up and create volume. The product works like a hairspray but only lightly and it deposits a light layer of powder on the hair.

It does give the hair more texture, but it doesn't hold the curls as well as normal hairspray does, so I did top it up with my usual VO5 hairspray. The picture of my hair was taken around five hours after I styled my hair in the morning, so the messy curls did stay in place and I have been using the product ever since in the same way just to give it some texture.

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Disclaimer: Product bought with own money.