Brain Food Booster & Revision Tips

best foods to eat before an exam to boost brain power

I have just recently completed my first year at university, and to finish of the year I had to do an exam. I really don't like exams because I have the worst memory and concentration. So to help give my brain a boost and keep myself awake during the exam I searched online for 'brain food', I then wrote a list of the best stuff I would like and went to the supermarket. I brought granary bread, chicken fillets, broccoli, bananas, iced-coffee latte, avocado, dark chocolate, tuna, salmon, plain yogurt, blueberries and eggs.

For breakfast I prepared porridge made with coconut milk and then chopped up avocado, bananas and added some blueberries and dark chocolate. For lunch I either had tuna or salmon on granary bread with lettuce. At dinner I  grilled seasoned chicken and added sweet potatoes and Birdseye steam fresh Italian vegetables. For desert I ate a bowl of plain yogurt, blueberries and banana. For snacks and drinks I had blueberry cereal bars, Alpro Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, green tea and lots of water.

The night before the exam I stuffed myself full of  salmon, steamed broccoli, boiled eggs and roasted sweet potatoes, as I read an article saying its best to have all the nutrients and vitamins the night before. I'm not much of a coffee/tea drinker, I only drink green tea because of its health benefits, but on the morning of the exam the first thing I did was drink an iced-coffee latte, then prepared the same breakfast and lunches that I had been eating all that week. Before I went into the exam I had another iced-coffee and ate a blueberry cereal bar. I took in some ice cold water and when we were told to start the exam I was completely focused and didn't lift my head up once, usually in the past I have had to keep re-reading the questions and I usually keep looking up at the clock, but this time I was 'in the zone' should I say. I do believe it must have been down to the food and drinks I had in the week leading up to the dreaded day. 

Regarding revision I would suggest trying to start a few weeks in advance, and managing your time well to make sure you do at least a couple of hours everyday. Its important you find out your best learning method, people learn best in different ways, either writing endless noes, watching demonstrations, doing cue cards etc. My preferred method is to write notes but in a brain storming chart sort of way, so basically I would write 'Marketing' in the centre in a bubble then draw arrows around it with different definitions etc in a short paragraph. Then keep re-reading the sheets, each with a different subject to keep it organised then ask friends to quiz me on them. Most importantly don't spend two full days revising before your exam because your brain will be exhausted, if you plan your time effectively and start a few weeks in advance and do a couple of hours a day, having breaks and doing something fun such as watching Netflix, going out with friends or doing exercise in-between revising it will be so much more beneficial and overall less stressful. This is what I did in the run up to the exam and I am feeling pretty confident when it comes to results day because of it.

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