Rombouts Coffee Review

Finding the right coffee for you

So, to be honest I’ve not always been a fan of coffee, the coffee breathe of my teachers in Primary school was enough to put me off drinking it throughout my teens. However, in the past few years I’ve grown to love it and can’t start the day without it. The first thing I do in the morning (besides smothering my dog with cuddles) is put the kettle on and make myself a mug of coffee with soya milk.

If you watch my Instagram stories, you would have seen I went to the Birmingham Coffee Festival recently and my friends and I really enjoyed finding out all about coffee, from how it’s made, where it comes from and the roasting process of the coffee beans. Coincidently after attending the coffee festival I was contacted by Rombouts who offered to send me some complimentary samples of their coffee.

When my Rombouts coffee arrived in the post, I was expecting a little selection of samples, however, Rombouts were very generous and sent me full size boxes of filtered coffee cups, packs of instant coffee and loads of delicious biscuits which was amazing. So, I thought it would be a good idea to share some with family and friends to gather their opinions on the coffee too, which they were more than happy to do.

Rombouts Café Biscuits

Firstly, Rombouts Café Biscuits, are very indulgent and I’ve had to stop myself from having more than two with my morning coffee. Luckily for my waist line, these biscuits have been going down fast because everyone in my household has loved dipping the caramelised speculoos biscuits into their coffee. They have a sweet taste with a hint of cinnamon, so are the perfect rich coffee companion.

Rombouts Single Origin Ground Coffee


So, the Rombouts Cuba Single Origin Ground Coffee is my personal favourite. It’s a medium bodied coffee with a hint of caramel and cacao. It creates a beautiful rich roast aroma that fills the room. I’m not a fan of dark roast coffee, so this medium roast 3 is perfect for me and I really enjoy drinking it. It certainly gives me the boost I need in the morning.


The Rombouts Laos Single Origin Ground Coffee is another personal favourite of mine, for obvious reasons, it has hints of chocolate, nuts and peaches with a rich aftertaste and full body. This is the one you can see in my mug on the photo above. I’ve been drinking this one with almond milk, which just adds to its lovely nutty taste. This one is my Nan and Mom’s personal favourite too.

Rombouts One Cup Filters


The one cup filters are great because they are easy to use, you simply put the filter on top of your cup and then pour in the boiling water and it will gradually filter through, it needs to be topped up more than once to get a full cup. Although these one cup filters are considered convenient it does make me question if they are eco-friendly, as some councils do not collect brown and black plastics, so we’ve been hesitant about what to do when it comes to recycling them because the seal is difficult to remove to wash away the remaining coffee before recycling.

The ‘Original’ is Rombouts signature blend of coffee and has been a favourite of many since 1896, which is no surprise considering all my friends and family who tried this one has enjoyed its rich and elegant taste.


Just like the ‘Original’ the ‘Colombian’ is a medium roast coffee and comes from high-quality Arabica coffee beans. This one has a sweet and vibrant flavour and is my boyfriend’s favourite of all the filtered coffees. He has a super sweet tooth so he enjoys it with 1.5 teaspoons of sugar in the morning and a handful of Rombouts biscuits!


The ‘Decaf’ filtered coffee is a medium roast and is Aromatic and light. This one is great if you tend to drink coffee day and night like my sister, yet don’t want the caffeine to keep you up all night. My sister has taken this one to work with her and it’s also been a hit with her colleagues too.

Italian Style

The ‘Italian Style’ is a dark roast with an intensely rich flavour, full body and strength. This one is my least favourite, as I said earlier I’m not a fan of strong coffee. However, this is my Dad’s favourite as he does love his coffee strong, it’s what sets him up for his early starts in the morning.

Overall my family and I were really impressed with the high-quality Rombouts coffee range as there are a roast and flavour to suit everyone. It’s also great to hear how they support Fair Trade and I’ve also enjoyed reading on their website all about where they source their coffee and how they roast it.

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Disclaimer: Rombouts sent me the complimentary coffee and biscuits for review purposes. All photos and words are my own.