How to get rid of brassy tones?

PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver - Purple Shampoo review

I have always had bleach blonde hair, although last year I did let it grow out to my natural hair colour which is a mosey shade, but I soon got fed up of my natural hair colour and decided to get it bleached blonde at the hairdressers again. This time I wasn't happy with the colour as it was more brassy and yellow and I hated it, so I stocked up on purple shampoo straightaway after my visit to the hairdressers.

My experience using purple shampoos in the past have always been good, so when I walked out the hairdressers with brassy yellow blonde hair I wasn't too worried. When I use the shampoo I leave it on my hair for an hour, sometimes longer if I have the time. After having my hair bleached I used the purple shampoo every time I washed my hair, because I wanted to get rid of the yellow blonde quickly, now I only use the Touch of silver purple shampoo two times a week to keep the yellow tones away. The before, during and after photos show my hair colour after two months of using it regularly. 

To get quicker results just damp your hair and apply the purple shampoo and leave it for awhile, this makes a big difference and gets rid of brassiness quickly, but left on for to long can give you a purple shade so be careful not to leave it on for to long if that is not the look you want. Otherwise just apply it on your hair like you would usually with soaked hair and then keep it on for an hour and wear a shower cap.

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Disclaimer: Shampoo was bought with own money, this is not a colloboration.