L'Oreal Colour Bonding Treatment at Regis Hair Salon

Regis Hair Salon Birmingham - Colour bonding treatment

Do you worry about damaging your hair when you have it coloured? I do. Recently I had my hair bleached and we all know how damaging bleach can be to the hair, causing it to be dry and brittle. So, to prevent damage and to keep your hair soft and manageable, your solution could be colour bonding treatment .

What is colour bonding?

Colour bonding is a two-step process, firstly your hair colourist mixes L’Oreal Proffesional Smartbond into your colour and then applies it normally to your hair. Once your new hair colour is ready to be washed out a deep conditioning treatment is applied to your hair for ten minutes. And that’s it, you can then take home a conditioning product to treat your hair between visits.

What does colour bonding do?

Colour bonding helps to protect each hair strand as your hair colour is developing, this prevents your hair from breaking, becoming brittle and dry especially after lightning your hair with bleach. The second treatment helps to strengthen your hair and make it feel soft and more manageable to style.

Having recently bleached my hair, I soon took up the opportunity to receive colour bonding treatment at Regis Hair Salon in Birmingham - a short walk from New Street Station. Although I had my hair coloured a week prior to my visit, I was still able to have my hair colour bonded as it can be applied to the hair at any point, with colour or not – it also makes hair colour last longer and look more vibrant. The treatment is also beneficial to those who are having their hair coloured dark, it’s not just for bleach or lighter shades – the treatment will improve the condition of your hair either way.

You can receive colour bonding treatment at Regis Hair Salon for an extra £5 during a colour or you can simply pop in for a colour bonding treatment without having a hair colour for just £15.

When I arrived at Regis Hair Salon they explained the treatment and made sure I was comfy during my time at the sink. They then washed my hair and applied the first and second L’Oreal Smartbond treatment. During this process, I received an amazing head massage – don’t you just love having someone else wash your hair!

After the treatment, they applied heat protection spray, before blow drying and styling my hair with straighteners. After a thirty-minute trip to the hairdressers I then walked out with these gorgeous bouncy curls 😍 and headed to my next blog event – where a couple of people complimented on how shiny my hair looked. The treatment made my hair feel so soft and silky.

A big thank you to Regis hair for the complimentary Smartbond treatment and for the relaxing head massage which made me almost fall to sleep at the sink 😆.

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Disclaimer: Complimentary colour bonding treatment by Regis Hair Salon. Photo of my hair taken by hairdressers, all other photos and words are my own.