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As a final year student, the past six months have meant I've been sitting at my desk all day with very little daylight and exercise. Not to mention the cosy winter nights in occasionally watching Prison Break on Netflix with a large bag of salted popcorn and a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, over the festive season. It's safe to say I've gained weight and my favourite skinnies are feeling very snug and uncomfortable to wear. Plus have you not seen my naughty food feed recently on Instagram? it goes without saying I've struggled to create a healthy work/life balance and have therefore neglected myself for some time.

So when British Military Fitness (BMF) got in touch and invited me to do some classes and sign up for The Major Series in March. My first thought was 'cool, that sounds like fun' but then I gradually began to think 'but do I have the time, my dissertation is due soon and I'm clearly not fit enough to do any military fitness'. But guess what? I said 'yes!' and I'm so glad I did. Because it's such a great opportunity and is exactly what I need, to get me back into shape and not feeling so 'ergh!' about my tight jeans.

So what is BMF? British Military Fitness is the UK's undisputed leader in outdoor fitness, they have local classes all over the UK and are run by ex-service men and women.

Last night was my first class and to be honest I was dreading being outside in the pitch black, cold and rain. But as soon as we got warmed up, I was feeling great and was really up for the challenging hour ahead. For the majority of the workouts, we had to work with partners, which I found really motivating and made me push myself that little bit harder as I didn't want to let my partner down. Especially when we had to work in two teams of six, and the losing team had to do a for fit.

We did a variety of workouts as we made our way around the park doing push ups, squats, star jumps, burpees, running and competitive games. The session started with a 5-minute warm-up, followed by a 50-minute cardio & strength training and ended with a 5 minute cool down of stretches. Everyone is split into groups of blue, red and green depending on your ability levels. I was blue for beginner/average ability.

Honestly, I found my first session tough because the last time I did any major cardio fitness was at the gym over two years ago (sounds terrible I know, no excuse!). After the session, I got speaking to a few people who have been doing the classes for a couple of years and they thoroughly enjoy it and it's changed their life, they have also made some great friends along the way. The BMF #transformationtuesday posts on Instagram are really inspiring, showing real people and real results, so I'm looking forward to more sessions.

When you think of a military instructor, you instantly think their going to be strict and make you get down on your hands and knees in the mud and do twenty push-ups or something. But honestly the instructors were all lovely and motivated us all throughout the session individually, praising us for something we were doing well and demonstrating to us on something we hadn't quite got the knack of yet which in my case was push-ups, however, I got praised for my squats and star jumps.

If you want to lose weight, get fitter or simply want to have fun, make new friends and swap a night in front of the TV for a productive hour in the great outdoors then give a BMF fitness class ago, because you have nothing to loose, your first BMF session is free. BMF also have a 12-week nutrition programme, which I signed up for last week. You receive a nutrition guide full or nutritional tips and weekly motivational videos to ensure you stay on track. 

Also, something I'm really looking forward to is The Major Series mud run in March, where I'm going to get deep in mud and fun running through an obstacle course. I've never done anything like it before so I'm really looking forward to it and it's suitable for beginners which is a relief. So stay tuned because I'll be posting all about my experience on here. Or why not join me instead, I'll be at the West Midlands event on March 11th.  The Major Series raises funds for the Royal British Legion, so you're not only having fun but you're also supporting a great cause!

Let me know in the comments if you sign up to The Major Series so I can see you there. Or let me know if you try out a fitness class! :)

Update: I completed The Major Series you can read all about my time getting muddy at the major series here!

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Disclaimer: British Military Fitness invited me to complimentary classes for review purposes. All photos and words are my own.