Reminiscing My Pethood Stories with PetPlan


Life with a blue merle border collie

I’m sure that all pet parents would agree with me when I say that our furry babies enrich our lives. From as long as I can remember I’ve been around animals and have always had a pet throughout my 28 years of existence! They have undoubtedly made my life a lot brighter and have been there with me throughout life’s highs and lows. So, I was delighted when Petplan asked me to share my Pethood Stories , because who doesn’t love sharing photos and stories of their furry companions.


My first ever pet I remember was a Maine coon cat called Sarah (rubbish name for a cat, I know!) I was just 3 years old when I had her as a tiny ball of fluff that could sit in the palm of my moms’ hand. Sarah was a huge part of my childhood and adult life as she lived for an impressive 19 years, which was probably down to the fact she was a lazy house cat treated like a goddess. Despite being a little diva, I absolutely loved coming home after school to spend time with her in the garden with my pet rabbit named Fluffy and my hamster named Henrietta.

When Sarah passed away from old age, the entire family were absolutely devastated, my Mom, Nan, Sister and Aunties were all in tears and on occasion we still talk about her now till this day. She was a huge part of our lives and because of her age and being in perfect health up until the day she passed away it came as a complete shock and it certainly left a gap in our hearts.

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As I work from home, I got very lonely by myself during the day after Sarah passed. The home didn’t feel complete without having a bundle of furry joy around the house, so after almost a year we decided to get a blue merle border collie and named him Blue. As a puppy, he looked so angelic with his fluffy white and grey fur, gorgeous brown eyes and infectious smile but he was an absolute nightmare, destroying everything in sight including the post.

Even after long walks in the park running for the ball (which he would never give back), he would play dead on the way home and just slump himself down, I would have people driving past and well-behaved dogs with their owners walking by just laughing at us. At one point I could just about pick him up and make stops for a breather on the way home, but he soon got too heavy to be carried like a baby. Thankfully for my back, he grew out of it.

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Over the past four years me and Blue have built a strong bond, his my best friend and is there to lighten up my day while I work from home with his funny habits of sitting in the most unusual positions, looking at me with his perfectly straight teeth out, sucking his blanket like a baby, giving my hands a slap to put my mobile down and stealing my seat if I go and make a cuppa to get my attention or attempting to sit his bum on my laptop so I can’t type and the comical strange sounds he makes.

He always senses if we are sad or stressed and will come and plonk himself down across my chest and just give me the most amazing cuddles (they are worth the struggle for air!). Despite taking over my king-size bed and doing his best to push me out during the night I wouldn’t change him for the world (although I would prefer it if he didn’t roll around in fox poop!), his perfect in every way. He has also brought the family a lot closer together as we all enjoy taking him out on walks, which is something we didn’t have to do when we had Sarah, so we now spend a lot more quality time together.

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He was born with dewclaws, so we knew we had to have Petplan Pet Insurance for when he was old enough to have them surgically removed at the vets and for peace of mind with him being a large active dog. After the treatment, I remember him being so adorable and feeling sorry for himself with his cute cartoon bandages, I was with him all the way while he recovered. Which his clearly not forgot about because if we have the flu or generally not feeling our best his the first one to comfort us and won’t leave our side (he will even try to invade our privacy in the bathroom to make sure we're ok!).

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Blue is such a caring and loving dog with an adorable character and plenty of funny mannerisms. Although I obviously still think of Sarah, Blue has filled that empty gap and just completes the family. According to the Petplan pet census 2018, I’m not the only one who considers their pet as a best friend as 41% of owners do. The census also found that 50% of pet parents had to make changes to their lives and working routine to suit their pets. Which I can also relate to because if it wasn’t for Blue I wouldn’t be as active going for walks 2/3 times a day. Before having Blue, I would work all day from home without proper breaks or exercise. So, having a pet has without a doubt brought happiness and health to my life.

Disclaimer: This post is in conjunction with Petplan but all thoughts and photos are my own.