Getting muddy at The Major Series!

the major series

Air, Land & Sea..MISSION COMPLETED at The Major Series!

Jumping into a freezing cold lake and head first down a super long slide are just a few of the fun things I got up to last weekend. Ok, so the jumping into a freezing cold lake may not have been fun, but it was certainly an experience I won't forget.

A few weeks ago in this post here, I told you I was attending British Military Fitness sessions to get fit in preparation for The Major Series. Well, The Major Series happened, I did it! and I'm so happy I got offered the opportunity because I've always wanted to do something like this but had never pushed myself to do anything about it.

The Major Series took place at Ragley Hall in the Midlands. My boyfriend and sister came along to support me, although when we arrived and they saw how much muddy fun people were having, they were sad that they weren't doing it with me. Once I signed in and got my bib number, it was time to head to the start line. After a ten minute warm up and a quick pep talk from the major himself, it was time to start my 5k. [Note, I have never ran 5k before!]

We ran for awhile before we got to the first phase where we had to do 10 squats, press ups and star jumps. I'm terrible at press ups, but that was ok, I wasn't the only one who struggled as we laughed our way to the next stage, jumping over hay stacks. This was when my inner Lara Croft unleashed and that's when my adrenaline really kicked in.

The next phase was crawling on our hands and knees as low as we could to avoid the barbed wires above us. At this point, we were well and truly face deep in mud, but that was nothing because what was coming up next was a lot worse. We had to make our way through a freezing cold lake, words cannot describe how cold it was and how much I couldn't wait to get to the other side. It was difficult running with the weight of the mud and water, but we did it as we all motivated each other along the way.

On the next phase, we had to carry a log on our shoulders, this was ok as the log wasn't as heavy as it looked. We then had to throw grenades [potatoes!] at a target. At this stage, there were sound effects and we had to dodge being hit by water guns from people who were camouflaged hiding in bushes.

We then had to make our way through another lake, you can see the video here. After that, we got on our hands and knees again and made our way through a tunnel. Then it was time for the phase I had been looking forward to the most, the slide! The slide is super long and goes downhill so the only way to get down it without stopping half way, is by doing a running jump for it and going down on your front. This was so much fun and I was gutted when the slide came to an end because I knew that meant the obstacle course was almost at an end.

The last obstacle was walking up a ridge using a rope and then walking back down it on the other side. I then ran to the finish line with a cheer from the crowd and awarded a medal for my #NoMudNoGlory challenge.

The whole experience was so much fun and in a way so was the freezing cold lake. The Major Series is known to be the best mud run for beginners and that's so true, it doesn't matter what fitness level you're at or how old you are because you'll do it and if not you'll make friends along the way that are happy to help you and the motivation from the BMF fitness instructors will make you determined to get to the finish line.

The thought of doing a mud obstacle course alone was quite daunting at first, but throughout the entire course, strangers were happy to help everyone along. I chatted to so many people so I didn't feel like I was alone, I felt like I was part of a team which was great.

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Disclaimer: This was a complimentary experience from British Miltary Fitness for review purposes. All words are my own. Photo courtesy of mybibnumber.