T2 Tea Masterclass at the new Bullring store

t2-tea-birmingham-bullring-sian-victoria-blogger-loose-tea-set (2).jpg

T2 - Australian tea brand open their first store in Birmingham!

T2 kindly invited me to their stylish new store in the Bullring for a tea Masterclass. They are a unique tea brand from Australia, who have over 200 tea flavours, tea brewing tools and beautiful tea sets. For those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile, you would know that I am a green tea obsessive and I don't like 'normal' teas or coffee that much. I have four cups of green tea at least three times a day with every meal and I'm usually all over the place if I haven't started the day with tea. 

Although, I'm tea obsessed I had never heard of T2 before, which is mad, where have I been? I've always been intrigued to brew my own tea, however, assumed it was too much effort. Well, I was wrong, T2 make the whole tea leaf brewing easy and fun!

Firstly, when I arrived at the new T2store I was really impressed with the store layout and the overall look and feel of the brand. The gorgeous floral tea sets were one of the first things that caught my eye, the tea pots, saucers and cups have a pretty vintage style which I love and they make such a lovely gift. 

The guys at T2 explained the five basic stages in tea processing, from picking, withering, rolling, oxidising and drying. All tea leaves come from the camellia sinensis plant, but it's the way the leaves are processed that determines the final variety of the tea. There are white teas, green teas, oolong tea and black tea. White tea has been oxidised the least and black tea has been fully oxidised. Oxidising gives tea its colour, strength and briskness. This is why green and white teas are light and black teas have a stronger taste. Before visiting T2 I didn't know anything about the tea process, so I found the tea masterclass really enjoyable and interesting.

During the tea masterclass, I was taught the art of brewing the perfect cuppa using a tea brewing set. The first tea we made was a white tea called Pai Mu Tan, this is light and has a delicate floral scent. The second one we brewed was a green tea called Jade Mountain which I loved so they kindly let me take a box home. The third was an oolong tea called Oolong Formosa, this was light and refreshing. The oolong tea is what you can see brewing in my first photo, as you can see the little balls of tea leaves expand into a full on leaf which I find fun to watch. The masterclass ended with a black tea called daintree, which was much stronger than the others. If you're into dark teas then I would recommend the Daintree, but if you prefer light teas like me I would recommend the Jade Garden or Oolong Formosa. Although, don't take my word for it go and sample the teas yourself to find your perfect brew companion.

Watch the brewing set make the perfect cuppa here, over on my Facebook page or if you have time check out my other food & drink posts!

Disclaimer: Invited to the masterclass for review purposes and was given the tea leaves and brewing set complimentary. All words and photos are my own.