Wenshu Monastery - Chengdu, China

Wenshu Monastery is a highly recommended tourist attraction in Chengdu, full of beautiful temples and nature

Visiting the Wenshu Monastery in Chengdu was one of my favourite free time days, along with the Panda Base visit and climbing Mount Qingcheng. As with anywhere in China, there were so many fascinating things to look at and photograph. So I loved every moment just wondering around the Monastery taking photos. 

Before entering the Monastery, I noticed this guy doing a headstand so I couldn't help but snap a photo, he was brilliant. The Wenshu Monastery is home to the Buddhists of Sichuan and Chengdu City, it's also the best preserved Buddhist temple in the whole of Chengdu, and I highly recommend visiting if you ever visit this part of China. Walking around the grounds were beautiful, as you can see in a section of my video, where I follow a Buddhist and watch them play ping pong which was fun. 

There were so many turtles, birds, frogs, chickens and cats etc so it was nice getting to do a little bit of wildlife photography while I was there too. The statues in the temple were amazing, I spent awhile just checking out the stunning colours, prints and attention to detail on them. They were mesmerising.

Most of the visits we did that were not organised by the university, meant we would have to get a couple of buses, train or uber to get anywhere. As a tourist it's easy to forget how big of a country China is, so a lot of research needs to be done beforehand. Such as looking into different transport and finding out what places you want to visit and organise your trip accordingly.

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