Dancing with the locals in WangJiang Park - Chengdu, China

a dance class with the locals in a beautiful bamboo park.. but ending with a scary ride in a pedicab

After spending the first couple of days in the 7 days hotel, myself and other students checked into the Haoanyi Hotel down the road. Which was great because it was bigger, fancier and a little closer to the Sichuan university where we were studying. After dropping off our suitcases we walked to  Jiangan campus to get a coach to the WangJiang campus.

When we got to the WangJuang campus, we visited The art gallery of Sichuan, and checked out some fascinating displays and historic pieces. After that we went for a wander and came across a beautiful pond with lots of lily pods, so we sat there for a bit with our umbrellas to block out the heat while we decided what to do next.

We walked to WangJuang Park, which was a lovely place because it was surrounded by bamboo trees and elderly Chinese people who were doing fun recreational activities together, as you can see for yourself at the start of my video. They put on a show for us and then invited us to try it out to, which was fun and their activity is harder than it looks. One of the many things I loved seeing in China was how the elderly and even some young would join together on the evenings and dance in the street, it was fascinating. Something you just don't see in England, but really should do!

Top tip, if you ever go to China you need to buy a fan and an umbrella, they were a lifesaver. The weather in Chengdu, China was a little hard for my British-self to deal with. It was always hot (I visited in July) so we would be sweating like mad and waving our fans like crazy just to get a little breeze. It would also rain ridiculously heavy during the night/morning, so loud that it would wake me up as I am a light sleeper, but on most days it would stop before the day began, if not then it would rain all day.

After having a lovely stroll in the park, we went to a shopping centre, ate some food and then had a very scary ride in a pedicab back to the hotel (you can watch the scary ride in my video). The pedicab was a cool experience, although we had so many near misses with trucks, so me and another student Leo were so grateful to step out of the cab in one piece.

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