Jinsha Site Museum - Chengdu, China

The Jinsha Site Museum is a fascinating archaeological site displaying historic ruins that were only discovered in 2001

With a full day planned ahead of us, we all woke up early and met for breakfast in the hotel restaurant. We stocked up on noodles, egg fried rice, watermelon and some sweet sponge cake, before making our way via coach with lots of Sichuan University students, to visit the Jinsha Site Museum.

The Jinsha Site Museum is home to a large site of archaeologist findings, as you can see in my second photo. Walking around the site was impressive, there is a relics hall, exhibition hall, cultural heritage and an ecological garden. I found all the artefacts and their stories interesting, as I am really into history, but what I liked most was the huge land around the site and the ancient trees and colourful flowers. It was lovely walking around and visiting the deer farm too, they were so friendly and let us stroke them. Although they wouldn't stand still long enough for me to take a decent photo. Look at how cute they are!

After spending a couple of hours at the museum, we visited the city centre and then went back to the hotel to get ready for a spot of karaoke. There are KLM karaoke places all over Chengdu, China. We hired a room for 40 Yuan each, which in GBP is around £4.70. A bunch of beers and snacks were included in the price, which was great so it turned out to be a really cheap fun night, and it was only a minute walk from our hotel. However I am really not into karaoke, so luckily for everyones ears, I didn't sing. But it was hilarious and I am now a huge fan of Chinese pop music, some songs are so catchy and the videos are pretty damn cool too.

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