Mao Zedong Statue in Tianfu Square - Chengdu, China

Exploring Tianfu Square on a very rainy day in Chengdu

The day we visited Mao in Tianfu Square, it never stopped raining. It was raining so heavy it woke me up during the night and some of the streets were flooded. However, that didn't stop us going on a little adventure, catching a few buses and subways to check out the city centre atmosphere by the Mao statue, which is located outside the Sichuan Science & Technology Museum. 

Unfortunately, the Museum was closed so we never got to look around it, so instead we walked around a shopping centre and then went underground and checked out the cool subway shops, street food and entertainment.

We then got an uber to the WOW bar, which had a pretty cool atmosphere and some good music was playing. After awhile me and two others from the student group, decided to have a walk around outside and take some night time photography. We went down by the river and tried to capture the neon light reflection on the water. When it was time to head back to the hotel, we went outside to arrange 4 lots of ubers to pick us up, and the rain decided to throw it down hard and then it started thundering and lightning. We couldn't get enough ubers, so we had to just jump in taxis. 

I really should have filmed the taxi drive to the hotel, but I thought holding onto the seat instead of my camera was far more important. I was sitting in the middle seat at the back without a seat-belt, the two girls I was with were trying to hold me in so I didn't go flying every time the taxi driver had to break when he was speeding. Bare in mind the roads were busy, flooded, it was a 30 minute drive to the hotel and the thunder and lightning was hitting it hard making us all jump. Luckily when we all arrived at the hotel in one piece, we were chatting under the canopy outside when the lightning struck nearby with a massive bang, we felt the rumble on the floor, so we all hurried in and called it a night.

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