Shopping on ChunXi Road - Chengdu, China

ChunXi Road is certainly one of the best places to go in Chengdu for shopping, entertainment and food

If your one for shopping and trying out the local cuisine when you're travelling, then visiting ChunXi Road is the place to visit if you ever come to Chengdu, China. ChunXi road is a large area connecting different streets together, lined with plenty of Asian and Western shops, restaurants, coffee & tea houses and more. There's something for everyone, from those with expensive taste and those like me who like to look for a bargain.

The atmosphere on ChunXi Road was bustling, and a fantastic place together with friends to watch live entertainment on the streets and try a large range of street food from vendors who have come from all over Chengdu to serve up delicious dishes. 

The shopping centres were fantastic, one that stood out to me the most was the IFS Mall. Inside was stunningly modern and huge. It was full of designer shops and if you plan to spend in there or not, just walking around it was well worth the long journey from our hotel to get there. Although one thing that I  didn't know, was that you can visit the Panda at the top of the building, which would have been fun to see.


ChunXi Road is known to be one of the most energetic commercial streets in central and western China, and I can totally understand why. Me and the group of students I was with, loved the Miniso store, we spent ages looking at the beauty and gift products. You can watch clips of me walking around ChunXi Road, in the video above.

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