Studying at Sichuan University - UIP - Chengdu, China

Sichuan University put on a spectacular ceremony to welcome international students to Chengdu and I made some great friends along the way

On the 3rd July, I arrived in Chengdu, China, after 24 hours of travelling. I never managed to sleep during the flight and I was already jet lagged from returning back from Vegas a few days before. So I was exhausted when I arrived in Chengdu and was feeling ill and had annoyingly lost my voice. However, at the airport I was greeted by two lovely Chinese student volunteers and an umbrella to shield me from the very sweaty heat. We checked into the 7 days Hotel, where I quickly showered and got ready for the opening ceremony of the University Immersion Program (UIP 2016).

The UIP is an international summer exchange program. I was accepted onto the 2 week program from my home university of Birmingham City and the Chinese university Sichuan. Above you can watch a 17 minute video showing you everything I got up to during my two weeks in China. The first clip in the video shows the opening ceremony. It was fantastic and there were so many students from all over the world taking part in the show. There were even students from Harvard, who put on a dance show which was fun. The ceremony was a great way to start my first day in Chengdu, China. The volunteers also gave me a gift of two panda key rings which was so cute, as visiting the panda base at the end of the trip was what I was looking forward to the most.

I was studying Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy at the Jiangan campus, within the huge and I mean seriously huge Sichuan university with 10 other British students. Sadly my sore throat, ridiculous cough, lack of appetite and jet-lag didn't go till over a week in of the trip, so that did make things difficult as I wasn't feeling myself, or very sociable especially within the heat, heavy rain and air conditioning drying my throat out even more.

However, I tried my best to enjoy every moment because the experience was amazing and I am so glad I was given the opportunity to visit China and meet such lovely people. China is a place I have always wanted to visit as I find their culture fascinating and I had never been to Asia before so I was able to tick that off the bucket list, I would love to go back one day and see more places, especially Hong Kong. I found creating a Chinese painting, writing Chinese calligraphy and speaking Chinese really difficult, but it is something I would like to try and practice again in the future.

Check out my next posts, as I am writing a travel diary for every day I spent in China. Don't forget to check out the video above also, to see some of the amazing things I did, such as hiking mountains and seeing pandas!

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