Kuan & Zhai Alley - Chengdu, China

Kuan & Zhai Alley is a highly recommended tourist attraction, full of tea houses, craft stalls and street entertainment

After a morning of Chinese art lectures, we got a coach ride to Kuan & Zhai Alley.  Kuan & Zhai means wide and narrow alley and it's a lovely touristy place to visit to see some of Chengdu's historical and cultural reserves. Nearby is also home to the Wenshu Monastery that we visited on day 6. The video above shows you some clips of they alleys filled with gift shops and food outlets, as well as the Monastery so I would love it if you gave it a watch.

The alleys had many fun entertaining things to watch, as well as souvenir shops, tea houses, restaurants and pubs. The alleys date back to 1644 - 1911 AD, and were renovated in 2003, so Kuan & Zhai alley has a significant part in Chengdu's history along with the nearby monastery, so it's a lovely place to visit, especially if you're a tourist.

One part that we all enjoyed walking around was a sort of maze of little red purses with tassels on hanging from trees everywhere, the purses had people's names on and it was fun to walk through to see how far it went. We noticed a few places where this was done, on our travels around Chengdu which was lovely to see.

After exploring the alleys we made our way back to the hotel via a bus and a uber, which was always difficult with there being so many of us and trying to make sure we all stayed together in a group. My VPN wasn't working on my mobile, so during the two weeks I was without social media and I stupidly never got a Chinese sim card so I am so glad I never lost the group, as I did tend to wander off a lot to stop and take photos/videos.

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