Song Xian Qiao Antique Market - Chengdu, China

Getting to know the locals at a traditional antique market in Chengdu

Song Xian Qiao Antique and Art Market is a lovely traditional place in Chengdu, which isn't so well known to tourists. Walking around the market was fascinating, seeing the locals creating products by hand, such as jewellery, trinkets and art to sell within their little space on the market. I was watching this one elderly craftsman creating wooden toys and statues with his bear hands, his products were pretty impressive.

There were also plenty of street food vendors serving up traditional cuisine, vegetable dumplings were one of my favourites. As with anywhere in China, there were so many colourful things to look at and stunning architecture that I really enjoy seeing and taking photos of. 

The Chinese student volunteers who looked after us during our trip, said that in some of the areas we visited in Chengdu, had locals that had never seen westerners before. Some of the locals would take photos of our group, others would approach us and point at their cameras and ask if we could have our photo taken with them, it was lovely. This one girl came up to me with the biggest smile, she was so cute asking me questions and giving me compliments. She walked with me for awhile, she was so well spoken and her English was brilliant, she was only fourteen.

Some of the market runs alongside a river, with people selling antique items, books and Tibetan beads, arts & crafts. There's also a lovely tea house overlooking the river. If your visit Chengdu, this little antique market is well worth the visit and will be less crowded compared to other markets that are more tourist orientated.

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