Depop selling tips

Depop selling tips


If your someone like me who only wears something once and decides they didn't feel right in the outfit or buys a lot of clothing and shoes and sometimes ends up thinking why did I buy that! within days of purchase but then annoyingly cant find the receipt, then Depop is the place for you to get money back from the items you no longer want or need. I clear my wardrobe out every 3 months as I like to have my stuff organised so I can actually see what I have to wear, which means I usually have a lot of second hand and new items I want to get rid of.

Depop is an app which is free to download on your mobile, its like Instagram and eBay in one, it has the square photo feature, scrolling feed and use of hashtags like Instagram but has the shopping element of eBay. The app is easy to use and to set up. You can list an unlimited amount of items for free, and when you sell something there is no hassle of paying fees as Depop automatically takes out 10% from your PayPal account.

Good quality photos

The first thing potential customers are going to see while scrolling Depop is your first photo, so make sure its stands out amongst the rest of similar products by having a good quality image that shows your item off so people are likely to pick yours to view. Take photos in natural lighting, hang your items up or lay them flat on a white background, use a filter to brighten up the image so its not dull therefore making your item look attractive so people want to see more and then click to read the description. You wouldn't buy from a brand if they had poor quality photos, so treat your Depop shop like your own brand and try and make your products look the best they can (without being misleading). You get four photos to show off your product, so take one of the front, back, close up of colour/details and one of it being worn as your likely to get people messaging you to see what it looks like on. For the other three photos lighten them up if needed but try not to alter them too much in case it misleads the colour of the product. 

Accurate descriptions

Its important to be honest about the product you are selling to ensure you don't receive any negative feedback, if your item has some wear or a missing button then mention it. Keep your description simple and to the point. Inform potential customers of the brand, size, material, colour, any features and quality. Some people may contact you to find out the measurements so maybe add them in too as some brands differ by size so its always handy to give measurements to ensure it will fit your customer.

Use hashtags

Using hashtags makes your product easier to find, so use hashtags that someone is likely to search Depop for, such as #topshop, #skirt, #size8. One thing that I find annoying is when I am searching for a Topshop item using the hashtag to find it and I come across items that are not from Topshop, this is misleading and people do this to try and turn up on lots of different searches by using tons of different hashtags, making it harder for people who do have Topshop items to be found. Try not to do this and just use relevant and accurate hashtags because if someone buys a product thinking its from Topshop but its actually from Primark their likely to give negative feedback for being misleading.


Try and post items out quickly, if there is a reason why you cant then inform the customer, don't keep them waiting. If you use Royal Mail, buy large letter postal bags in the size of 250mm x 353mm (10"x14"), if you fold your item flat and neat and use resealable bags (this also helps keep your item clean and fresh in storage while your waiting to sell it) to put the item in and then close the bag ensuring no air has got in (tip get a book and sit on it) then your parcel will be more likely to be classed as a large letter if its not a bulky item, not only does it make the postage cheaper it also means your customer wont have to visit the post office or their neighbours if they are not home when it arrives. 

I always offer free delivery and instead include the postage in the price, as I manage to send most of my items as a large letter I only need to add around £1.50 or less to the price, having the offer of free delivery makes it more appealing because nobody likes to pay for postage, so using this large letter solution makes it beneficial and affordable for you and the buyer. Offer your customers the option of having alternative delivery methods such as Next Day or tracked which they will pay the extra for, I would recommend sending all items tracked if they are over £20 but anything less its not really worth the extra cost, but always make sure you keep proof of postage for every item you send.


Promote your Depop shop by using the share buttons on the app so you can tell your followers across social media what you are selling, also if you have a relevant blog use the link in your Depop description to send people to your website, you can also feature the Depop widget on your blog to then send people to your Depop shop.


Be realistic when pricing your items, none of us want to give away our preloved or new items for nothing, so consider what price you paid for it and how many times you have worn it to decide on a price that is good enough for you and your customer. People go to Depop to pick up a bargain on second hand items so there unlikely to pay the original RRP price you paid for it.

Tips & Tricks

Turn on the notifications so you know when someone has commented on an item or sent you a direct message, this way you can respond quickly making you more likely to get a sale. Its easy for your products to get lost and end up at the bottom of search results so if you click edit on your items and then click the tick again to finalise your product, it will then be refreshed and go to the top of search listings again, I always refresh my items once at the weekend, I wouldn't do it everyday as you don't want to annoy your followers and come across spammy as they will notice your items constantly on their feed. Also leave your customers feedback a couple of days after posting their item as this will prompt them to leave you feedback too around the same time they have received your item.