Ibiza Day 4 - Caves at Cova de Can Marca - San Miguel

boat trip from ibiza strip to pirate Caves in San Miguel

Boat Trip to Puerto San Miguel

This was my favorite yet most exhausting day of the holiday, we decided to book a boat trip with Aqua Bus Ferry Boats to visit Cova de Can Marca (pirate caves) which is on another part of the island called Puerto San Miguel. The boat trip cost 18 euros each and that included entrance into the caves and the return trip back to San Antonio, we caught the boat at 4pm and arrived back just after 9pm so it was definitely worth the trip, the staff on the boat were lovely too.

We caught the boat from Mar Amantis which is around a 20 minute walk from Sant Antoni. There were a few pick ups from different locations before we headed towards San Miguel, the sea was very choppy and a few people felt very sea sick so if boat rides are not your thing, you can also visit it by bus which only takes 34 minutes, by boat it takes an hour and a half, which we wasn't expecting. Although, I didn't find the journey boring as I spent the entire time taking photos and breathing in all that fresh ocean air.

When we got off the boat at San Miguel our group was greeted by a man from the Aqua Bus team who drove us in a mini bus up a big hill and handed us some tickets to get into the caves. We left our bottle of water on the boat so when we had to climb a mountain of steps to get to the cave door we were exhausted, hot and thirsty but seeing the views from the top made it all worthwhile.

The denim shirt I am wearing is from New Look, it's lightweight so was definitely suitable for wearing on this trip, I had a monochrome River Island bikini on underneath and the sandals, bag and sunglasses are from Primark. New Look have this shirt in white also which I am going to buy as it was great to just throw on and kept me cool. San Miguel looked like such a beautiful quiet part of the island, I would have liked to of spent the full day there.

Caves at Cova de Can Marca

We decided to visit one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ibiza, the Cova de Can Marca, which is a 100,000 year old cave in San Miguel, it was discovered by smugglers to hide their goods, you can still see the markings on the floor that they used to get around so they didn't get lost. The cave is 14 meters above sea level, it's been through an ice age and tropical heat waves. The cave is almost all fossilised and is formed by rain filtration's. There were fossils from extinct species found in the cave that are now in the Natural History Museum. If your interested in the history of the cave its worth giving the website a read for more detailed facts.

There was a small entrance door to get into the cave, as well as lights and a hand rail to guide you around safely. The cave was a cool temperature which was good because it was so hot and humid after walking up all the steps to get to the cave entrance. The tour guide spoke many languages and explained the history of each part of the cave which I found really interesting. We were allowed to take photos and videos as long as we didn't use a flash as that would awake the moths. 

Lakes and a waterfall were located in the cave, they used special effects to show the waterfall which was a great touch as it really brought the cave to life. The tour lasted 40 minutes and there was so much to look at around every corner, if looking at old caves are not your thing then the view outside of the cave alone is well worth the trip to San Miguel. 

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Disclaimer: This holiday was paid for jointly between my partner and I - this is not a collaboration.