Ibiza Day 1 - 3: Exploring the strip

ibiza travel diary


Recently I finished my first year of university, so I decided to celebrate after getting my grades by booking a last minute holiday. I wasn't really bothard about where I was going as long as there was a beach and a sun lounger for me to sit back in the sun and relax. When I booked the holiday with my boyfriend we had two days before leaving to get everything prepared, soon after booking I headed to the Bullring in Birmingham to get an entire suitcase of summer clothing as I hadn't so far bought much summer clothing this year.

Anyway we came across a good deal on the Thomas Cook website and booked 7 nights in San Antonio, Ibiza. I hadn't been to Ibiza since I was about 10 so I was really looking forward to going. Originally I was trying to book flights from Birmingham Airport but because I took so long looking at Trip Advisor reviews and photos, by the time I had made my final decision to buy the holiday, the Birmingham flight was fully booked so I had to fly from London Stansted instead which was annoying, as it added an extra 3 hour car journey onto our travels. But I would still definitely recommend checking out your hotel on Trip Advisor though first before booking, to prevent any disappointment, I also found it helpful checking out the hashtag for the hotel and the area you are staying to check it out that way also.

Our flight was at 6am and we had left home around 11pm so we had time to chill around Stansted and eat breakfast at Pret, I always struggle to sleep in the car or on a flight so I didn't sleep till our first night in the hotel, we got to Ibiza in about 2 hours a 30 minutes so we had a full day to start or holiday, I was knackard without sleep but as soon as I jumped in the pool I woke up and was feeling good. 


We landed in Ibiza and got our transfers to our Ses Savines Hotel which didn't take long, once we checked in and dumped our suitcases and put on our flip flops we headed down the strip on the look out for an ice cold refreshment to cool down in the heat. We then used Google Maps to find the nearest supermarket, Lidl was only a 15 minutes walk away from the hotel and it was a easy walk and wasn't hard to find. We were staying at the hotel on a half board basis so we were only buying snack food to have at lunch time and lots of bottled water. Over the 7 nights we only spent 40 euros on food and drink altogether which was great, I definitely recommend finding a Spar or Lidl when your in Spain because its so much cheaper to buy there compared to going to shops on the strip, this way you have more money left over to spend on doing fun stuff.

As we arrived in the morning it was still early when we got back from Lidl so we got changed and went swimming then sunbathed for a few hours. I went back to the room and had a shower in time for the hotels tea at 7:30pm. 

I curled my hair but with the humidity the curls dropped out within 20 minutes, so I tried to take these outfit photos quick before it went flat. The coral cami is from Dorothy Perkins and the monochrome stripe trousers are from New Look which I absolutely love they are so comfortable I call them my travel pants, I would love a pair in other prints and colours. My heeled sandals are from ASOS which have been featured on the blog before and the necklace is from Primark.

After dinner we headed right out of the hotel and walked down the strip to have a wonder around and find out what we could plan to do for the rest of the week.


Firstly, I am wearing a deep v backless ribbed top from Primark and my new favourite printed culottes from New Look, I wish I could get these in every colour and print as they are ridiculously comfy and they are high-waisted which is the only thing trouser wise that I wear. These white mesh sandals are from Primark, I wore them everyday by the beach and left them uncovered so the sun actually began peeling off the material, I might be able to get a few more wears out of them before I decide to throw them away. They do say you shouldn't take new shoes on holiday with you before wearing them in, but luckily I didn't get any blisters. The sunglasses and white bag are also from Primark, me and my boyfriend ended up buying the same sunglasses and didn't know so when we came to put them on together we just laughed.

On our second day we did the usual swimming in the ocean and sunbathing in the day and then we spent our nights walking around for miles taking photos of scenery, we both love and studied photography so we took so many photos of our holiday.


On the Sunday we went walking for hours as there are so many thing’s to do in Ibiza, so we left our Ses Savines hotel and headed right towards the Port de Sant Antonio where we found so many cats sunbathing and hiding down inside the rocks by the sea. After that I'm not sure exactly where we went we just walked for miles into the less touristy places and climbed up what felt like a mountain and we just sat down and checked out the views from below, we were greeted by lots of cute geckos, I really wanted to take photos but by this time my mobile battery had died and my boyfriend had left his in the safe back in the room.

This stripe dress outfit was just something casual and comfortable I picked out for all the walking, I could have done with wearing trainers or something (with a totally different outfit of course) as climbing up a steep rocky hill was not a great idea wearing those white mesh Primark sandals as I kept getting big bricks in my shoes. The monochrome stripe dress is from H&M which I bought before leaving the UK, the necklace, sunglasses and white bag are also from Primark. After spending hours of walking around and checking out the shops we headed back to the hotel and got ready for tea and relaxed watching the hotel entertainment.

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