Spa Day & Afternoon Tea at the Belfry, Sutton Coldfield

The Belfry Hotel & Resort, Sutton Coldfield

The Belfry Hotel & Resort, Sutton Coldfield

A Spa treatment, Afternoon tea and Fire & Ice experience at The Belfry

Unless you have the luxury of being on a full-time holiday surrounded by palm trees, sunshine and vitamin sea, nothing quite beats a relaxing spa day to break up the working week. This year so far has been a hectic one juggling a full-time masters course with a full-time business so whenever I get the opportunity to review a spa day I jump at the chance for a day filled with relaxation, food and beauty treatments.

The Belfry Club & Spa in Sutton Coldfield is an award-winning luxury hotel; however, they’re probably best known for their fantastic golf course which attracts visitors from all over. Not that I tee off, but I know a few who do. They also have a leisure club and multiple restaurants and bars on site, that are well worth checking out.

However, one Sunday last month The Belfry kindly invited me for a spot of afternoon tea with a glass of fizz with fellow blogger Vanity Claire. We also got to enjoy a treatment in the spa and their fire & ice experience as well as a quick dip in their swimming pool.

Relaxation room & spa treatment

When I arrived at The Belfry the sun was shining, and I was a little too early, so I went for a quick stroll around the luxurious grounds before checking into the spa. As soon as I got ready in the changing rooms I headed up straight to the relaxation room, to surprisingly find I was being joined by the lovely Claire. We sipped on chilled lemon water and sank ourselves into the cosy seats before we both got called into our treatment rooms.

We were both booked in for a 25 minute back, neck and shoulder massage, which I was really pleased about as I do suffer from back pain being hunched over my home office all day, so it’s just what I needed. After picking out my favourite scented ESPA oils to be used it was time to get cosy under the warm towels, for the lights to go down and for the treatment to begin. Once my face was in the port the therapist got me to inhale and exhale a mist positioned under the face port to calm my senses.

The therapist then began massaging the ESPA Restorative Body Oil into my skin and started working at breaking down the tight knots in my shoulders and lower back. I felt relaxed and the massage felt great, she ensured throughout that I was happy with the pressure being used and that I was warm and comfortable. Sadly, the massage came to an end, I could have happily laid there all day, but I soon got up once my sleepy head realised I was booked in for afternoon tea. Before leaving the therapist advised me to drink plenty of water over the next few days to help with flushing out any toxins.

Afternoon Tea

After meeting back in the relaxation room, myself and Claire went downstairs for our vegetarian afternoon tea. We were shown to our table and offered juice, coffee and teas while we were waiting. When the three-tier afternoon tea arrived we were a little disappointed by the selection of cakes, that were perhaps more suited to an older audience. Being hardcore chocolate enthusiasts, it would have been nice to have seen a colourful variety of flavours and textures as opposed to beige sponges, but that’s my personal preference. We did have a little nibble of each but left the majority, despite this they were lovely and moist, so you could tell they were fresh.

We could also tell the finger sandwiches had been freshly prepared, there was a selection of grated cheese, a Mediterranean style one with peppers and then a salmon one we didn’t eat. We devoured the cheese and Mediterranean sarnies and dived straight into the delicious warm scones with jam and cream while enjoying our last sip of fizz.

Fire & Ice experience

Next on our agenda was a 90-minute relaxation journey through 12 bio thermal rooms, that are designed to enhance your mood and invigorate your senses. We arrived at the Fire & Ice experience door and waited to be let in by reception. As soon as we got in we went straight to the foot spa to immerse our feet in warm bubbly water infused with essential oils, this felt lovely and was my favourite part of the experience. After reluctantly dragging ourselves away from the foot spas, we quickly checked out each room.

The fire & ice experience includes:

  • Feature showers: this room has two options, an invigorating ice drench shower using tiny ice droplets infused with peppermint or a warm tropical rain shower combined with lighting for a multi-sensory experience.
  • Caldarium: this is a mild warm air relaxation room, featuring soft lighting and a citrus aroma for a calming experience.
  • Aroma cave: a light aromatic steam room with warm walls and floor. An invigorating essence is used to help clear the mind and purify the body.
  • Sauna: the sauna is the warmest room using dry heat to stimulate circulation and boost the immune system while being a warm and peaceful environment.
  • Igloo: a chilly environment for a stimulating and refreshing feeling after visiting the thermal rooms.
  • Sanarium: a samarium combines both steam room and sauna for a relaxing atmosphere, to leave you feeling calm and relaxed.
  • Shower grotto: the shower combines multiple water temperatures to open and close the skins pores helping to make the skin look glowing and invigorated.
  • Crystal steam room: to revitalise the mind and body the room uses a combination of aromatic oils and warm steam to help cleanse and purify the skin.
  • Hydrotherapy pool: this multi-featured pool is ideal for those with tense muscles.
  • Tranquillity room: the room uses soothing sounds and low lighting to make it the perfect environment to shut your eyes and recharge.

Poolside leisure

To complete our experience, we visited the conservatory to relax on the padded loungers, before finishing outside to get some sunshine and fresh air in our cosy white waffle robes and slippers. Although I was a little disappointed with the sweet treats, I did enjoy my time at The Belfry Club & Spa and would recommend it to anyone looking for a day or night of pure relaxation, especially the neck, shoulders and back massage.

If this sounds like something you would like to experience yourself, The Belfry currently have 3 mini treatments, a fire & ice experience and afternoon tea from £99pp during April and June. They also have many other offers on including an overnight stay, just visit The Belfry Club & Spa to find out more.

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Disclaimer: Complimentary experience. All photos taken by me and Vanity Claire. Words are my own.