Ragdale Hall - A Luxury Spa day in Leicestershire


Award-winning best spa in East Midlands

An invite to Ragdale Hall the multi-award winning ‘best spa hotel experience’ was an offer I was not going to refuse. The 18th Century hall is rich in history and was mentioned in the Doomsday book. However, there’s nothing gloomy about Ragdale Hall over the years the independent and all-inclusive hotel and spa has been transformed into one of the most ‘highly commended’ leisure destinations in the UK. With its continuous effort to create exceptional experiences and deliver fantastic customer service, it's not surprising they have an 80% return rate.

Accompanied by my sister our luxury Refresh and Revive spa day began with arriving at the gorgeous hall nestled in the heart of the picturesque Leicestershire countryside. After checking in for the day we were served hot drinks and juice in the café before heading to the changing rooms equipped with a wristband for the lockers, flip flops and a robe to begin our first ever Ragdale Hall experience.

Tropical Leisure facilities

Ragdale Hall has the most extensive spa facilities in the UK with not just one pool, but six that can be enjoyed no matter what package you choose. Including full use of the colour flow cave, volcanic salt bath, rose sauna, thought zone, scented room, cave shower, ice niche, experience showers, candle room and footbaths.

A lover of all things tropical the thermal indoor and outdoor waterfall pool surrounded by lush green plant life and cosy cocoon seating was undoubtedly one of my favourite facilities at Ragdale Hall. I’ve always found it difficult to switch off during spa days (and in general) but surrounding myself by plants, in a warm atmosphere with tranquil ambient music playing certainly helped me to unwind as it makes the ideal setting for pure relaxation.

Rooftop infinity pool

It goes without saying that the thermal rooftop infinity pool with views overlooking the idyllic countryside certainly made it to the top of my Ragdale Hall experience, not just for me but for my sister too who can’t wait to return with friends.

The rooftop pool also has views of the large outdoor swimming pool surrounded by sun loungers. I imagine it is extremely popular during the summer months because where else can you experience a luxurious guest-only outdoor pool with views of the countryside with potentially no children running around splashing you while you get your tan on.

Looking out to the infinity pool is a relaxation lounge with a variety of cosy seating. It’s a perfect place to have a nap, read a book and avoid social media. I only engaged on social media once during lunch which I’m relatively proud of considering we were there from 9 am to 6 pm.

Healthy buffet lunch

Spending the morning lounging around, doing a lazy lap or two of the pool and posing for photos somehow made us hungry so we couldn’t wait to indulge in the healthy buffet lunch.

In the elegant dining hall, we were shown to our seats next to the window looking out to the yellow fields. We ordered starters that are served to the table. I went for the tomato and basil soup without cream while my sister ate the feta, rocket and red pepper quiche. For buffet mains, there is a large selection of food to pair such as Asian vegetable stir fry, rice noodles with the oriental dressing, sweet potato and bean curry, miso roasted aubergines, legumes and sesame seeds and jacket potatoes with a variety of toppings as well as pasta and salads.

I opted for anything that I could see that was vegan, so without vegan-friendly sauces, I did find it a little dry and flavourless, nonetheless, I enjoyed the healthy selection. Thankfully all buffet foods have a label to show its ingredient list making it easier for those with dietary requirements and allergies.

There are also meaty options such as chipotle honey glazed chicken wings and honey roast gammon with parsley sauce. For dessert, my sister ordered the banana & orange bread and butter pudding with ice cream which she absolutely loved as well as a selection of buffet sweet treats.

Blisful Spa Treatments

To complete our day of relaxation I was booked in for a 50-minute Blissful Face and Back Therapy treatment. The back massage was just what I needed as I do get a lot of back pain, so I requested a firm massage to really work on the knots in my shoulders and lower back, it then ended with a salt scrub which felt great. My facial was lovely too, as the therapist cleansed and massaged the contours of my face, although I was unknowingly left walking around with major panda eyes to my sister’s amusement.

Following the facial and back massage, my sister kindly gifted me her 25-minute conditioning foot treatment (maybe it was the guilt of laughing at me, eh?) which took place in the open salon area. I thought that it would be a general foot massage but it came with a soak, scrub, trim, file and buff too, so my feet felt beautifully soft, clean and summer ready. It’s made me tempted to get a foot treatment more often.

Among the wide range of facilities available at Ragdale Hall , they also have a beauty express room for hair and nails, exercise classes, a tranquillity garden, a sunbathing terrace, fully equipped gym and shops for clothing and beauty and so much more. Besides the thermal pool and rooftop pool, we loved the tranquil candle pool – despite guests ignoring the silence sign upon entering.

We were pleasantly surprised to see a mind gym equipped with puzzles and books which we thought was a great addition to the spa that we hadn’t seen anywhere else before.

Ragdale Hall has experienced major transformation to become one of the best luxury spas in the UK, so it’s great to see that the private family-owned building has still managed to hold on to the 18th-century halls charming character which is most evident in the elegant dining hall. While the modern extensions flow well with the historic building and have maintained a homely welcoming feel throughout all without any sign of pretentiousness which you can sometimes experience with luxurious chain spas.

Although a sarcastic comment from a pretentious male guest in the dining hall did annoy me a little. But it certainly, didn’t dampen our first-time experience of the impressive Ragdale Hall and we could certainly see why it’s an award-winning spa that I would return to. For more photos (92 to be exact!) see my Facebook album or Instagram stories .

A Refresh and Revive spa day package includes full use of the facilities from 8.30am to 6 pm, a three-course healthy buffet lunch and a 50-minute treatment of either a combined facial with a back massage, just a facial or conditioning feet & hand treatment for £156 during the week or £179 at weekends.

Disclaimer: Complimentary spa day. All photos and words are my own.