Day 8: Montserrat Mountains - Spain

When I told friends and family I was spending a fortnight in Spain in the Catalonia region, a few said I should visit the Montserrat Mountains because of the beautiful views and history of the place. I flew to Salou with Thomson's, so I booked a day trip with them from their excursion website before I left so everything was all organised and paid for before leaving for my holiday. 

The coach picked us up outside our hotel and after the other hotel pick ups nearby, it took about 1 hour 30 minutes to drive to the Montserrat Mountains, to get there you have to drive past wine vineyards so there was some lovely scenic views to look at along the way, there was an English speaking tour guide who told us about the history of Montserrat, which I found interesting as I enjoy listening to old stories.

As there was a lot of walking and optional hiking to do I dressed for comfort, and wore my favourite 'travel pants' as I call them which I also wore a few weeks ago when I went to the Grand Canyon, the top, trousers and bag are all from New Look and the trainers are Converse.

The Montserrat Mountains is a multi peaked mountain located an hours drive away from Barcelona, Spain, the mountain was given the name Montserrat by the explorer Christopher Columbus. When we arrived below the Montserrat Mountains we took a train ride up to the monastery, which is about less then half way up below the peak. Up in the mountains there is a whole community of people living and working there, I was surprised to see a mini supermarket, plenty of restaurants, a museum and of course the benedictine monastery which is a religious retreat.

You can get a cable car up to the top of Sant Jeroni which is the highest peak over 4,000 feet or hike your way up following the trial. The views from Montserrat are beautiful, sadly we visited on a misty day so the views were not as clear compared to a sunny cloud free day, but we still enjoyed the day and there was a lot to look at and do while you were near the monastery. 

There is an all boy choir who sing, liquor tasting and you can also kiss the feet of the virgin Mary in the hope to bring yourself some good luck. 

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