Day 7: Salou & Cambrils - Spain

Although I had already spent one week in Salou, I didn't really explore down the promenade so I decided to walk as far as my legs could take me in the heat and made it to Cambrils which is a lovely place and also worth checking out if your staying nearby as there is a castle and some great affordable bars/restaurants. Within our first week we had experienced plenty of thing’s to do in Catalonia, such as hiking Montserrat Mountains, exploring the streets of Barcelona and the picturesque town of Tarragona. So our final week was all about relaxing and enjoying Salou.

As I walked down the beachfront I came across lots of cool food and drink huts along the beach, one of my favourites was this Tic Tac place with the graffiti surf boards. On our way back from Cambrils we walked on the opposite side so we had new sights to look at and that's when we found this gorgeous Spanish home, it was huge the place had a lot of security so I am guessing someone important lives there, I would love to have a look inside, every little detail on the outside of the building is stunning so I can only imagine what it looks like inside to. I have always wanted a home in Spain so this place would be a dream to live in!

On the evenings in Salou after we ate dinner at the hotel we would walk to a lovely sort of hill top where the locals would gather with their friends and family and sit and watch the sun go down over the mountains. The place would be full of stray cats and everyone would come and bring them food  and drink which was sweet, we did it a few times and got some ham and cat biscuits from the supermarket. The cats were very friendly and loved all the attention and fuss from people, as me and my partner are big cat lovers and love to watch a sunset we spent quite a few evenings up there, then we would go find somewhere to drink sangria and watch some entertainment.

I really like the print on this playsuit from H&M, the outfit photo doesn't really show the print off well but its new and they also have a dress and top version of it which I might buy for my Autumn wardrobe. These gold sandals were a distressed purchase which I bought the day before I left for my holiday, I was originally looking for some tan ones in New Look but my size had gone, so these were the next best thing, I wore them a lot on holiday so I'm actually glad I bought them. The tan bag and sunglasses are from New Look too.

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