Day 9 - 14: Salou, Spain

The first week of my Spanish holiday I spent going on excursions to Barcelona, Tarragona and the Montserrat Mountains which was great fun exploring different parts of Catalonia. But for my second week in Salou, my plans where to do nothing but swim in the sea, attempt at getting a golden tan and relax before coming back home to normality and my second year of university.

We stayed in the 'Best Los Angeles' Hotel, we had no problems during our stay, the hotel was modern and clean, there was also a good selection of food as they had an international buffet running for the 3 meals of the day.

The main strip of beach in Salou obviously gets very busy so we walked further down to find a more secluded beach which was mainly full of locals, the beach was clean and the sea was clear. The waves were brilliant, we spent most of our final days in the ocean waiting to jump the big waves, it was so much fun until I lost my favourite sunglasses and had a mouth full of sea salt.

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