Day 6: Tarragona - Spain

Before I left home to go on holiday, I searched for other places I could visit outside of Salou, as I don't like just staying in one place I like to go exploring. While searching Google, a place called Tarragona was suggested, the photos were beautiful and after reading about the history of the medieval town I soon put it on my list of places to visit in Spain, as I love anything to do with history and old architecture. 

Visiting Tarragona from Salou was easy and very cheap, we used the local bus company to get there, it only cost 2.95 euros each way and eating out in Tarragona was affordable too so it was a great day checking out the beautiful buildings and scenery, I spent less then 20 euros and got back to the hotel within a 20 minute drive, so it was well worth the trip. 

The outfit I had chosen to wear for a day in Tarragona fitted the surroundings pretty well I thought, the orange tile and floral print playsuit is from H&M, it was one of my last purchases before leaving, I am so glad I managed to get my hands on it, as this was the last one on the rails at my local store. The gold gladiator sandals, tan clutch bag and sunglasses are from New Look.

As you walk around Tarragona you will come across ancient ruins left behind from the Roman times, like the seaside amphitheatre facing the clear waters of the Mediterranean sea, the city is considered one of the best Roman sites in Spain to visit and I can understand why, its such a beautiful place and it was considerably less busy compared to Barcelona, which was great as we got to explore the town without all the hustle and bustle.

Just like Barcelona, Tarragona has a maze of medieval cobbled streets, I had no idea where I was going or how to get back, but I couldn't help but explore down the alleyways to come across beautiful tiled floors, old flags, street art and of course stunning old architecture like their cathedral and bullring where until a few years ago they still used  for bullfighting.

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