Next Lingerie - The Perfect Bra Event

Next Lingerie | The Perfect Bra Event

So this week I was invited by the lovely ladies at Next to attend 'The Perfect Bra' event at their Birmingham Bullring store. Firstly, I had a relaxing hand massage from At One Day Spa and then we all sat down to hear the lingerie expert Keely Smith explain the importance of wearing the right fitting bra.

As soon as Keely started talking about under bands, wires, cups and straps I knew I was wearing my bra wrong. If your under band is riding up at the back, it may be to big so try going down a back size, or if the under band digs in it might be too small so try going up a back size. If your breasts are bulging out of the cup, it may mean its to small and you need a larger cup size, or if the cups are gaping around the edge, it may be to big so try a smaller cup size. If your wires are digging in, the cup may be too small and you should try a larger cup size to see if that helps, or if the wires are standing away from the body the cup may be too small. And finally if your straps are falling off the shoulders adjust the straps to be tighter or try a different bra shape, if the straps are digging in, the under band might be too big so try a smaller back size.

Those are just a few tips, but I would really recommend you go into a Next store and get fitted by an expert, I have always wanted to get fitted properly but always been put off at the thought of having to take my bra off in-front of a stranger, but that doesn't happen at Next they simply leave you to change into different bras and then they come back into the changing room to give you their expert advice. I went there wearing a 34b, a size I have been wearing for years, I always knew it wasn't the right fit but never did anything about it, just like the 80% of women in Britain who are wearing the wrong sized bra. I found out I am actually a 36b and its now the perfect fit and feels so much better.

It had been awhile since I had looked at the lingerie in Next and was surprised to see the huge range they have available, enough to suit everyone's bra style, they have push up plunge, balcony, t-shirt bras and wow bras to enhance your bust size up to 2 cup sizes. in lots of beautiful prints and laces all very reasonably priced and great quality.

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Disclaimer: Invite only event. Complimentary set. Photo and words are my own.