Two places you got to eat at in Center Parcs


The Pancake House

Two years ago when I last visited Center Parcs I went to The Pancake House and had the best pancake ever and being a huge dessert lover I couldn't wait to come back and have the same again. On the first day of our holiday, we went straight to The Pancake House as we were hungry after a long car journey. I ordered a 'Cookie Monster' which is a pancake with Oreos, Cadburys flake, ice cream, whipped cream, caramel sauce and gooey cookies within the pancake, it tasted just like how I remembered, amazing!. It cost around £8 but it's well worth the treat and it is rather filling.

My boyfriend had the 'chocoholics' which is a pancake stack with chocolate and toffee sauce, whipped cream, munchies, rolos, and sprinkles of Cadburys flake which he also said was delicious. The Pancake House also do waffles and savory stuff like omelets and pasta. As Center Parcs is a self-catering holiday it was definitely worth treating ourselves to a meal out away from eating in the lodge, as The Pancake House is only available within Center Parcs, we also had a lovely view of the man made beach they have where we watched people doing the water sports activities.

Dexters Kitchen

To take a break from self-catering in the lodge we thought we would treat ourselves to a meal at Dexters Kitchen on the last day of our holiday before a long car journey back to Birmingham. Dexters Kitchen I believe can only be found at Center Parcs and it has a really cool American dining feel, we ordered chicken burgers with sweet potato fries, since the whole sweet potato fries became so popular I have been obsessed and think I have only had normal fries twice since they taste so delicious I don't think I could ever go back to boring old potato chips.

The chicken burger its self-was pretty standard, but still, it was good and did the job to fill me up ready for a long journey home. However, 10/10 for the sweet potato fries! I also liked the interior in the restaurant, there were brickwork, colorful typography on the walls and nice private booths. 

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Disclaimer: This was a family holiday paid for by us. Food was paid for by me. This is not a collaboration.