A week at Center Parcs: Woburn Forest

Family breaks in the UK

If nature and outdoor activities is your thing I would definitely recommend going to Center Parcs, as it's located in the middle of a forest there were loads of rabbits, ducks, and squirrels running around the place, although I would strongly suggest doing not try and feed the squirrels monkey nuts as one accidentally bitten my finger, it didn't pierce the skin but it sure did hurt a little. 

There is a swimming pool which is free to use, it has a wave pool, kids pools and outdoor and indoor water rides. The Tornado water slide was the best, when we went on it we were not expecting the huge drop that lifted up the boat in the air, you then plunge into a huge tunnel and go up the sides really fast. We went on the Tornado slide perhaps almost ten times over the four days we were on holiday and every time the big drop gave us the giggles for some reason, maybe because the drop flips your stomach or when you get to the tunnel your going so fast that it sort of gives you the roller coaster face look and as your facing your friends and family it's hilarious seeing their face. Either way, it was the best water slide we had ever been on and I would strongly recommend going on it if you ever go to Center Parcs, they have it at the Woburn Forest, I'm not sure about any other locations though.

Other than hiring bikes and riding them around all day we didn't do any other activities, except table tennis. But you can do water-sports on the man-made beach they have, as well as indoor climbing and a long list of other indoor and outdoor activities. There is a lot for children to do, including things like pottery and painting classes which looked like fun.

There are two main locations at center parcs, there's The Plaza which has a really good supermarket, clothing shops, restaurants and indoor activities then on the other side of the park there's the subtropical swimming pool which also has plenty of food places like Strada, Dexters Kitchen, Starbucks and some shops around it.

A week in Center Parcs was great, we had some good British weather for once and spent most of our time riding our bikes around the village and swimming in the subtropical swimming pool. On the last day me and my family hired a cabana, it comes with plenty of seating, a large TV with lots of channels, a fan which you really need as the subtropical swimming pool stays 29.5°C all year round, plus you get fresh towels, drinks and a safe for your belongings. It was great because when you want to take a break from swimming you can just pop into the private cabana and relax and watch some TV before going out again for another swim.

The Woburn Forest parc has lots of paths going up and down so we got a good workout riding our bikes up the high incline and had lots of fun speeding down the hills, during the week cars are not allowed to drive around the parc and have to stay in the car park so it was safer to ride around. We went off track a few times and went into the forest for a bit of off-road biking, we also climbed a few trees, yes I am a 24-year-old female but it was so much fun acting like a big kid again and being around all the nature.

Every morning we would feed the squirrel's monkey nuts and leave them on the patio. There are three Starbucks at Center Parcs including one at the side of the pool, so we went their regularly, I tried the new trial Cookie Dough Frappuccino which tasted amazing, I used the #TeamCookieDough hashtag in the hope it will win and become available full time.

I and my family enjoyed Center Parcs so much that we are looking to re-book again in September before some of us have to go back to university. 

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Disclaimer: The holiday was paid for between family. This is not a collaboration.