Top 7 Best Places to eat in Barbados

The Atlantis Hotel, Barbados

The Atlantis Hotel, Barbados

The best Restaurants in Barbados, for all budgets!

So, I’ve recommended where to stay in Barbados and the best things to see & do in Barbados. But more importantly, once you’ve landed on the all-year-round sunny Caribbean island, where are you going to eat? During my fabulous Visit Barbados press trip for the year of culinary experiences, we ate at some stunning beach spot locations all over the island offering luxurious candlelit dining experiences and affordable buffet style places with sea views. Barbados is a foodie haven with plenty of historical roots linked to food, so you’ll find delicious Bajan cuisine to suit all budgets.

From a vegetarian perspective, here’s the low-down on all the food I ate and a sneak peek of what views the restaurants have to offer.

1. Sea breeze beach house

During our trip we stayed at the Ocean Two Resort & Residence, however, to celebrate our first evening in Barbados we had a short drive to Ocean Two sister hotel the Sea Breeze Beach House which offers all-inclusive dining & luxury accommodation.

At Sea Breeze Beach House, we dined at Cerulean, a sophisticated fine dining restaurant with award-winning international cuisine created by chef Michael Harrison. The stylish décor of white, blue and gold mirrored the beautiful ocean views, creating an intimate and romantic setting, this made a wonderful introductory experience to welcome our first few hours in Barbados.

Cerulean is open for dinner only so we chose from the a la cart menu starting with appetizers. For starters vegetarians have two options ‘Bajan goat cheese with watermelon’ or ‘Mixed leaves with spiced pumpkin’, I chose the latter it consisted of ground nuts, sour cucumbers, vine-ripened tomatoes and passion fruit dressing. This cold dish was a refreshing and light starter filled with a variety of textures and tastes.

For my entrée, I opted for the only vegetarian dish on the menu ‘Black-eye peas, dried tomatoes and smoked confit breadfruit stew’ joined with green vegetables and edible flowers. This hearty warm stew dish filled me up quickly, so it could have done with a bit more veg and a little less black beans, so I could have finished off this exotic tasty dish.

Our evening came to an end once we demolished the array of delicious dessert options that we all shared. For those that know me my favourite was obviously this beautiful ‘Chocolate Dome’ made of Coco-tea and scented orange croutons. I also thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Salted peanut tart’ consisting of pistachio cream and ice-cream minted fluid gel, you can see photos of the rest of the menu and a tour of the resort on my Sea Breeze Beach House Facebook post .

2. The Top Deck, Speightstown Bay

Our first morning in Barbados was spent shopping for fresh local produce at Cheapside Market in Bridgetown the city of Barbados with Barbadian born BBC Masterchef, Jason Howard. Jason took us on a culinary tour of the fruit, veg and fish markets and picked up ingredients for our four-course dining experience he was cooking up that evening.

Jason Howard recently opened The Top Deck a stylish bar and eatery located on the beautiful white sanded beach of Speightstown Bay. The passionate chef is on a mission to transform Caribbean cuisine and to give it its first Michelin star by making the most of the exciting flavours and cultural influences Caribbean cuisine has to offer.

Once we had taken in our stunning beach set up for the evening, we sat back with a Rumbullion cocktail made from rum, lemon thyme, pineapple and banana juice, it was deliciously fruity with a good punch to it.

Jason then whisked us away on a culinary experience of beautifully crafted dishes using ingredients in unique ways to deliver four exceptional meals, featuring a fermented cabbage egg and a mixture of raw & cooked beetroot topped with salad garnish. My most memorable dishes had to be the distinctive flavours used in the Eddoe dish and pannacotta dessert.

Eddoe is a root vegetable and is used in a lot of Caribbean cuisines, Jason used the versatile ingredient to create a smooth creamy soup by boiling the vegetable with chilli and onion to pour over a handful of chunky eddoe pieces topped with garnish.

Jason’s passion for crafting food, flavours and textures was clearly evident when he delivered his final dish, a dessert made with local panna cotta goats cheese, caramelised pineapple, torched strawberry, Malibu white rum and cinnamon crumble.

For more photos of our experience at The Top Deck see my Facebook post.

3. The Atlantis Hotel, Saint Joseph

Despite visiting so many fantastic beach front restaurants around Barbados, my most memorable had to be the Atlantis Hotel simply because I fell in love with its idyllic views of Bathsheba beach and its large array of vegan meal offerings, a dietary requirement I found somewhat difficult to find on the island.

The Atlantis Hotel was also our last restaurant stop before sadly going home, so its where I sat back and reflected on the trip while enjoying the scenic views overlooking the rugged landscape and listening to nothing but the sound of the crashing waves hitting the rock formations on this part of the rough & windy coastline.

Slices of deliciously spiced tofu with juicy chargrilled corn on the cob, crunchy & creamy slaw and perfectly crisp chunky chips were my last meal of choice in beautiful Barbados. There wasn’t a bite left in sight, I demolished it all in about three minutes flat after working up an appetite during a walking tour of the Welshman Hall Gully.

The Atlantic Hotel restaurant is a place I’ll definitely be returning too on my future visit to Barbados as I would love to try out the rest of the menu and then go for a stroll down Bathsheba beach. For more photos of my visit to Atlantis Hotel, see my Facebook page.

4. Lone Star Restaurant & Hotel

For an exclusive A-lister dining experience like no other, the Lone Star located a stone throw away from singer Rhianna’s beachfront mansion and Limesgrove designer shopping centre is the place to be for a luxury foodie escape in Barbados.

My photos certainly don’t do this stunning restaurant justice. On the evenings at Lone Star you’ll experience a romantic atmosphere with dinner by candlelight, a superb service and an exquisite menu. For starters I went for the ‘Warm caramelized onion tomato & chevre tart’ served with rocket salad ($43 BDS), this was scrumptious, and the tart base was light and soft just they way I like it. For mains, there were a few vegetarian dishes on the menu however once I spotted the ‘Prawn Thai green curry’ with coconut rice and coriander ($91 BDS), I knew I wanted it. So, the sweet waitress was more than happy to suggest a vegetarian alternative for me, so I enjoyed a bowl of Thai green curry with plenty of chunky carrots, broccoli and cauliflower which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Our luxurious evening of fine dining with views of the ocean and stars came to an end with a heavenly ‘Dark chocolate persuasion’ ($36 BDS) dessert made with Baileys cream sauce. For more photos and a sneak peek at the stylish hotel rooms at the Lone Star visit my Facebook page.

5. Waterfront Cafe, City of Bridgetown on the banks of the marina

After a walking tour of Bridgetown, we headed to the marina to dine al fresco at the Waterfront Café. This cruise port stop was evidently popular with tourists and locals because of its perfect location in the heart of the city centre. The charming café also hosts regular events and foodie theme nights.

While sipping on a yummy fruit smoothie I enjoyed a starter of ‘Vegetable Samos’ ($24 BDS) while my fellow press trip buddies indulged in ‘Bajan fish cakes’ and ‘Shrimp in Cajun spice’. For my main, I devoured the ‘Vegetable Primavera’ ($42 BDS) which consisted of chunky vegetables in a delicious creamy white wine sauce and tagliatelle pasta.

If your looking for a foodie stop after touring Bridgetown this is certainly a place I would recommend. To see more photos, visit my Waterfront Café Facebook post.

6. Fisherman's Pub, Speightstown

The Fisherman Pub located in Speightstown is an affordable family-friendly restaurant overlooking the bay with live authentic Bajan entertainment. The menu changes slightly each day of the week, so regulars get to try a variety of traditional home-style Bajan cuisine.

To order you simply line up and ask for what you want and its dished out on the plate right in front of you, so it has the convenience and affordability factor with the option to take out. Most days the menu consists of rice, macaroni & cheese pie, chowmein (veg or meat), souse pickled pork, breadfruit, meaty Bajan soup, fried chicken wings and steamed & fried plantain.

We shared plates to sample the variety of food they have on offer, so I didn’t eat much as I was feeling a bit queasy with the meat and its juices being mixed in with the vegetarian food. However, I did really enjoy a few bites of curried lentils, fried plantain, mash potatoes and macaroni & cheese pie.

The Fisherman Pub is certainly a great foodie place to visit if you’re on a budget and as a bonus, you’ll experience stunning ocean views. To see more photos of our visit go to my Fisherman Pub Facebook post.

7. Sand Dollar Cafe

Sand Doller Café is located a short distance from the Ocean Two Resort & Residences where we were staying so it’s not located on the beach, but it does offer an affordable menu, a friendly service from the lovely owner and delicious food of supersize portions. Every time we drove past it was always full of tourists and locals, which is always a good sign.

We visited Sand Doller Café during our rum shop tour and it was the perfect foodie place to end our evening. We all had a round of fruity rum punch sprinkled with nutmeg and an incredible salad. It was beyond doubt the best salad I’ve had in a very long time, it was smoothed in grated cheese and balsamic vinegar and plenty of fresh green leaves, broccoli and tomatoes.

Before we ate the salad, the lovely lady who owns it said her salads are unique and she was right, I would definitely visit again the next time I’m in sunny Barbados! To see more photos, visit my Sand Doller Café Facebook post.

Disclaimer: Press trip. As a guest of Visit Barbados, all my food was complimentary. All photos and words are my own.