Top tips on how to care for your car

Car care guide: If you love your car, it will love you back if treated right

Besides from purchasing a new home a car will be one of the most expensive things you will ever buy. Its also a purchase that you rely on the most to get you from A to B, so its important to treat your car right so you can get the most out of it and prevent yourself from any distress, such as a flat tyre on the way to that all important job interview.

Here are a few top tips to help care for your car and avoid any unnecessary damage:


There's nothing better then a smooth drive to your destination, however that's not always the case as a lot of UK roads are full of pot holes, bumps and cracks and they can be a nightmare for your car especially if you are driving fast as this can result in lumpy tyres, unbalanced wheels and a damaged suspension. Its also not always safe to try and avoid pot holes either so if you see one coming up do your best to slow down, if its safe to do so of course.

Stick to the speed limit

Always stick to the speed limit, especially if you are in a residential area full of speed bumps. Going fast over speed bumps can damage the parts under your car, such as your suspension, exhaust and your tyres!

Avoid parking on kerbs

Not only can speed bumps damage your tyres but so can parking on kerbs as they can put pressure on them. Driving to close to a kerb can also cause damage to your tyres by knocking them and your hub caps. Having to park on kerbs is often unavoidable so if you have passengers in the car ask them how far away your wheels are from the kerb to help avoid this.

stop bad driving habits

All drivers have bad habits that they can be totally unaware of. The most common are overloading the car with too much weight, not fixing windscreen cracks, putting obstacles in the way of your back view, sudden braking, riding the clutch/brake to save on petrol and finally not heating the engine up long enough during the cold months.


Car fluids keep your car running smoothly, so by not checking them regularly can cause problems for your car. Read your manual to see how you top up your fluids such as brake fluid , engine oil, coolant and windscreen wash.

keep your tank AT LEAST half-full

Two friends of mine always wait till their petrol is low before topping up. Firstly, this is damaging to your car and secondly why risk having an empty tank when you may not be able to get to a petrol station in time. So always have at least half a tank full to avoid any unnecessary issues.

check your tyres

Driving with safe tyres are ultimately one of the most important things you should be doing as a car owner. Driving with old worn tyres or incorrectly inflated tyres can be extremely dangerous. So its important you read the manual to check you use the correct tyre pressure. Having your tyres alignment checked will also make your tyres last longer and make your car much safer to drive.

Keep rain and moisture out

New cars depend on electronic technology such as computers and microchips. So on rainy days check to see if your sunroof and windows are properly closed to avoid damage.


Getting your car serviced regularly helps in detecting issues with your car before they become a big problem. If your a bit clueless on how to check your tyres or change fluids etc. DATtyres in London provide car servicing with free price quotations. A full service will consist of checking your oil, air and fuel filters, spark plugs, battery, brakes, tyres and a computer diagnostic test to ensure your car is safe to drive.

Don't ignore the engine light

Don't be Penny from the Big Bang Theory and ignore your engine light. This warning is your car telling you that something is wrong. If ignored the problem could quickly develop into a much bigger and more expensive problem to get fixed.


Relying on window wipers to remove snow and ice from your windscreen can damage the blades and put stress on the motor. Add de-icer to your windscreen wash fluid along with a scraper as an effective way to remove ice without causing damage to your wipers.

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Disclaimer: Colloboration with DATtyres. Written by Sian Victoria. Photo from Pixabay.

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