Top tips when planning a road trip

How to plan a road trip & prepare your car for the journey!

There's nothing better than starting the summer with an epic road trip! Us Brits may not have the iconic Route 66 on our doorstep but there's still some fantastic places in Britain to visit. So whether you're going on a road trip in the UK, Europe or the USA it's important you plan your trip to ensure you have fun and ultimately stay safe along the way.


A spontaneous road trip is always a good idea, but there also the ones that are more likely to go wrong with a lack of planning. Firstly, do your research and plan your trip using Google Maps and TripAdvisor. Plan out your journey so you know where you're going and the petrol stations, hotels, camp sites and food stops along the way.

Don't jump in the car and turn on the GPS without some prior knowledge to the journey you're about to take. GPS and mobile apps are convenient and easy to use. But there's also the possibility of them breaking or running out of power. So as a backup always take an up-to-date paper map. Some people find paper maps difficult to read, so have a little practice before starting the trip.

Don't drive for long periods. The recommended limit is to drive no more than six hours a day. This is important to ensure your rested and feeling refreshed for the journey if you drive tired accidents are more likely to happen. Take naps, drink coffee, eat regularly, take it in turns driving and agree on a start and finish time so you get the recommended 8 hours sleep.

Keep family and friends back home up-to-date with your journey so they know where you are and where your heading next in case anything were to happen.


Make a checklist of the things you're going to need during your journey, such as your documents, food, money, cards, chargers, sunscreen, wet wipes and toilet roll. If your road trip is going to last a couple of days if not longer then you're going to need blankets to keep warm if your napping in the car and a tent in case you are without a hotel for the night.

Give your road trip buddies a spare car key in case you lose the only one. Also if your passenger is someone who easily annoys you, agree beforehand on a soundtrack for the journey and play road trip games to avoid boredom.

You're also going to need a spare tyre, the necessary equipment to put it on and a bottle of emergency fuel just in case.


The one thing that will ultimately spoil your journey, is car trouble. Before going off on your epic road trip book a car servicing to ensure your car is up for the long journey. You may need new car tyres for that you can visit Point S, or your brake fluid and engine oil topped up. Or something much bigger, such as new brakes, exhaust or a suspension.

The most important thing about a road trip is ensuring your car is safe to drive, it is really not worth the risk skipping. Doing essential maintenance and checks on your car before the trip as this will prevent any avoidable problems and expenses during the journey.

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Disclaimer: Post sponsored by Point S. Written by Sian Victoria. Photo from Pixabay.