Dog Spa Day - Pets at Home, The Groom Room


Pet Grooming Salon in the West Midlands

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have spotted my adorable dog popping up on my feed and stories. If not then let me introduce you to my cheeky boy Blue, he is a 3 year old blue merle border collie and everywhere we go he always becomes the centre of attention - he absolutely loves it. When his not running at lightning speed after his neon pink ball in the field, you’ll usually find him curled up into a ball on the sofa like a cat, trying to sneak into our bed at night time or following us around the house like a shadow.


He loves nothing more than rolling around on wet grass and the occasional pile of horse poop when our back is turned. Usually after a groom his beautiful white and grey coat never stays clean for long and his fur is a nightmare to maintain, we always have the hoover out and were forever using the lint roller on our black jeans before we leave the house.

Because of this we were delighted when Pets at Home got in touch to offer our fur-baby a complimentary groom service at The Groom Room located in most stores nationwide. With Blues nod of approval we accepted their kind offer and drove him down to Pets at Home in Walsall Reedswood for our 6pm appointment.

When we arrived at The Groom Room the lovely Lorna greeted us and took down a few details about his health and ticked off a checklist of what we wanted Blue to have done. We went with the full groom service, which consists of a pre-groom, bath, brush, dry, styling, ears and nail clip and then upgraded him to the Totally Tropical spa package so he could get a blueberry facial, teeth clean gel and fresh breath foam, paw and nose revitalising treatment, totally tropical shampoo & spritz and a cute yellow bandana.

For review purposes, I got to go behind the scenes at The Groom Room and watch my boy get pampered – I found it very entertaining to watch until he decided to get me back for laughing at him during his facial by drenching us.

To begin Blue’s groom service, Lorna started with a pre-groom and bath using the FURminator deShedding shampoo & conditioner which helps to reduce shredding by up-to 90%. To complete his bath time she gave him a blueberry facial and applied a teeth cleaning gel and foam to freshen up his breath.

After drenching us, Lorna then took him over to the dryer to brush, dry and style his fur. She used the FURminator brush to help reduce shredding and gently covered his ears with a cosy looking band to reduce the sound of the dryer to keep him happy and content.

Lorna then trimmed his coat to keep it looking tidy, cleaned his ears, clipped his nails and applied coconut oil to the pads on his paws to soften them. To complete his squeaky clean new look, Lorna spritzed him with a tropical scented spray and put an adorable yellow bandana on him saying ‘fun in the sun’.

As you can see from his happy face throughout the groom service he loved every minute of it. Lorna was very loving and gentle to him and gave him plenty of attention chatting to him during his pamper session. He loved being the centre of attention and he smells gorgeous, we can’t stop sniffing him and stroking his silky clean coat.

Before Pets at Home got in touch we never knew about The Groom Room. We’ve always taken him to another place and they use an overly strong scented shampoo a bit like the smell of old fashioned talc powder so he always feels the need to roll around in dirt to claim back his doggy smell. However, we’ve noticed one week after his groom he is still smelling beautiful and he hasn’t rolled around in dirt especially poop! We think it’s because the scented shampoo Pets at Home used isn’t overpowering and is more naturally scented so he's been happy to keep he's new blueberry scent.


He never usually likes having his nails clipped, however he was more than happy to let the very kind and gentle Lorna do it – maybe he had a crush!

Overall, we were really happy with the groom service and they styled and groomed him to our requirements – such as a mini snip to his coat to keep it tidy but still furry and more off at the back to keep him clean and hygienic when he does his business.

If you’re looking for a groom service, I highly recommend The Groom Room, why not find your nearest location and spoil your pampered pooch to a blueberry facial. Prices start from £15 during the week, to see more photos of my dog enjoying his spa day you can see my Facebook page.

I would also like to thank Ellie at the checkout who helped us to pick the best food based on his age and weight. She also gave him loads of love and even slipped him a little treat from the doggy bowls at the front of store. His shredding has decreased too, bonus – I hate hoovering!

I'm always filming him so I couldn't resist putting together this quick video of him being a pampered pooch for the day, we couldnt stop laughing towards the end of the groom because he was making so many funny noises.

Disclaimer: A big thank you to Havas PR and Pets at Home for the complimentary groom service. All words and photos are my own.