Spring Mountain Ranch State Park - Las Vegas, Nevada

One of my most memorable days in Vegas was an excursion to the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and having a picnic among the mountains where cowboys used to live

During my time in fabulous Las Vegas, I took a day away from the glitz and glamour of the strip and went on a day trip to see Nevada's natural beauty, The Red Rock Canyon. 

After driving the 13 mile scenic loop of the Red Rock Canyon, we stopped at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park to eat lunch and take a tour of a ranch once owned by eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes and before him, it was owned by wealthy German actress Vera Krupp. The stories the tour guide told us were fascinating, from cowboys, the mafia, Native Americans, the atom bomb test site and how Nevada grew popular from a small community many years ago.

The beautiful lady in the photo frame is Vera Krupp, her dressing gowns and secret hideaways in the ranch still remain today. My photos really do not do the Red Rock Canyon and the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park justice, as the place is truly beautiful. With mountains, animal life and greenery everywhere, it was idyllic.

We sat down and ate a packed lunch surrounded by nature and untouched history, it was great and so peaceful. If you ever go to Vegas, I really recommend going on a Red Rock Canyon Tour, for a day away from the neon strip to instead take in one of the world's natural beauties that's only a short drive away from the hustle and bustle. You can find all my travel photos on Instagram, @Sian.Victoria.Travels.

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