Fremont Street Experience - Downtown Las Vegas

From free live entertainment on stage, a 12.5 million LED light show and a zipline flying above the crowds over Fremont Street, is just a few of the reasons why you should experience Downtown Vegas

Last year when I spent a week in Las Vegas, I was disappointed that I never got the chance to go to Downtown Vegas. So this year when I returned again, I made sure I got the Fremont Street Experience. I had wanted to visit Downtown Vegas, not only because of its current bustling atmosphere and neon lights but because it was the original birthplace of Las Vegas before the 4 mile Vegas strip we know today moved in. I've seen old footage of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley hanging out in Downtown Vegas, so it was cool to see how it looks today and how it looked all those years ago.

Getting to Downtown Vegas is easy, if you don't want to spend money on a taxi, then take the Duce bus from the strip. I paid $8 for a 24 hour bus pass, and you can hop on a bus outside the many bus stops up and down the strip. To get to Downtown you need to get on the left side heading towards The Stratosphere hotel.

I would totally recommend visiting Fremont Street on an evening because when it gets dark the canopy fitted with 12.5 million LED lights and stretching across five blocks is when the experience of Downtown Vegas begins. In the video above there are a few clips showing the great atmosphere, with live music, old neon signs and street entertainment happening outside the historic casino hotels.

In the day time, Downtown Vegas has plenty of places for you to check out too, from the Neon Museum and Mob Museum, as well as lots of cool quirky shops, bars and restaurants. Plus there is also a zipline that runs under the canopy, called Slotzilla which looked pretty awesome.

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