Places to eat in Las Vegas

Good food places to eat in Vegas 

Shake Shack- las vegas

Shake Shack

I had wanted to eat at Shake Shack for ages, so I finally got the chance to eat those instaworthy crinkled fries at the New York New York resort. The chicken burger was pretty damn good too, for these two meals I paid around $20 altogether.

Aria Cafe - las vegas

Aria Cafe

This delicious looking waffle with cream and raspberry sauce was the last thing I ate in Las Vegas before getting the flight back to the UK. We stayed at the Vdara Hotel & Spa, so the Aria Hotel was opposite, its a 5* dining experience with brilliant customer service and food.

800 Degrees - Las Vegas

800 Degrees

This pizza is a place I came across on Instagram before we got to Las Vegas, someone on my feed had posted an amazing looking wood fired pizza, so it was the first food place we went too after checking in at the hotel after a long flight, the mozzarella was slap you on the chin fantastic. The place was cool, it had an open kitchen and it was sort of like a subway you can line up and choose your own toppings and stuff.

The Pub - Monte Carlo Resort - las vegas

The Pub - Monte Carlo Resort

This was the breakfast of dreams, we would regularly walk through the Monte Carlo Resort as there were so many food outlets inside, like Subway, McDonald's etc, and a place I can't remember the name of but they did amazing chicken and sweet potato fries (it was located next to McD's). Anyway, we would walk past The Pub daily so we decided to go in one morning and, wow fresh oj with Nutella stuffed waffles with a dollop of fresh cream and chocolate sauce, let's just say I would make the 12 hour flight back to Vegas just to eat it again! 

Hard Rock Cafe - las vegas

Hard Rock Cafe

This picture doesn't do it justice, on this day I had walked one side of the entire four mile strip in 46 degree heat so I was so hungry, I just needed to stuff my face, with a good'ol reliable burger and fries. The pot of mayonnaise style sauce I must say was really tasty.

Five 50 - Aria - las vegas

Five 50 - Aria

Another day, another pizza of course. We shared this Margherita beast between the two of us, again it was wood fired. This pizza was delicious just like the 800 degrees pizza above, they were both perfect, I would recommend both places for pizza, but if you're looking for somewhere cheaper and casual then go to 800 degrees and if you're looking for a pricier pizza with an evening dinning sort of feel then go to Five 50.

Jean Philippe - Aria - las vegas

Jean Philippe - Aria

Another amazing place at the Aria Hotel was Jean Philippe, every time we walked past it had ques of people buying speciality chocolate gifts, gelato ice cream, waffles and crepes. We visited twice, the first time we had this nuttela stuffed crepe with sprinkles of truffle and cream, and a side order of coconut ice cream. It was so amazing that we lined up and got some coconut ice cream straight after we had that breakfast above at the Aria Cafe, shortly before getting a taxi to the airport.

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