New York New York Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas

From al fresco dining, roller coasters, a mini Brooklyn bridge and all the burgers, pancakes and pizzas you could only dream of at the NY NY Hotel in Las Vegas

So when I came to Vegas last year, I took so many photos and made them into posts about each resort on the strip and explained what I liked and what there is to do at each hotel. However I noticed the New York New York Hotel & Casino was one that I hadn't yet featured on the blog before and its a resort I really like and especially like the look of, with it being a New York skyline.

I've visited every resort on the strip between The Stratosphere and The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign and there's something I like about each one, they all have something unique about them, and for me the NY NY Hotel has cool eateries with alfresco dining, a mini Brooklyn bridge, a roller coaster and an inside street village that resembles the streets of New York where you can find pizzas, burgers and pancakes, what's not to love!

Last year I never got the chance to eat at Shake Shack, so this time I made sure it was one of the first places I ate at, as there's only so many Instagram snaps of those crinkled fries I can like before I have to try them for myself, and they sure didn't disappoint. The chicken burger was amazing too.