Paris Hotel - Eiffel Tower - Las Vegas

French-themed hotel in Las Vegas 

The Paris Hotel brings a European twist to the Las Vegas strip. The themed resort has a Parisian style decor and brings the streets of Paris into the hotel with the sky painted ceiling and al fresco dining, similar to that of The Venetian Hotel. The hotel has that romantic feel with the lighting and the love lock bridge.

I visited the Paris hotel mainly to go up the Eiffel Tower which has the best views of the Las Vegas strip, I also visited the Stratosphere Tower which also had amazing views but the views are more of the residential areas outside of the strip, so it was nice to visit both and see a wider scope of Las Vegas.

The Eiffel tower stands in front of the famous Bellagio fountain display, so at night time it would be lovely to watch the fountain from above. When your at the top you really get to see how long the Vegas strip is, all the hotels are right next to each other so you think you don't have far to go but because each resort is huge it really does take a lot of walking to see the whole of the Vegas strip, I found a week of walking on both sides of the strip exhausting in the heat. A weekend in Vegas isn't really long enough to see everything Vegas has to offer as there is so much to see and do. Vegas is definitely a place I would visit again because I had so much fun, lets just say you would never get bored on a trip to Vegas.

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