Route 66 & Hoover Dam - Arizona

Seligman, Arizona - Birthplace of Historic Route 66

When I booked my holiday to Las Vegas I knew I had to visit the Grand Canyon in the neighbouring state Arizona as its been on my bucket list for years. So I booked a day trip with Canyon Tours  to see the South Rim site and experience the different thing’s to do at Grand Canyon.

The Canyon Tours company picked us up in a coach from our hotel, and on the way they made a breakfast stop at McDonald's which everyone was really thankful for as it was a 6am pick up so most of us didn't manage to get breakfast.

Hoover Dam, Arizona

As we made our way out of Las Vegas we stopped at the Hoover Dam for a short while and the tour guide told us lots of interesting facts about the place. I knew that travelling from Nevada to Arizona we would have to travel for a short while on route 66 which I was really happy about because its been a dream of mine since primary school to travel the full route. The Canyon Tours website never mentioned about stopping on route 66 so to my surprise when the driver said we were stopping at Seligman the birthplace of route 66 I was so excited I felt like a little kid who had just been given a puppy. When the coach stopped at Seligman I soon rushed off and explored, there were lots of old rustic shops with mannequins dressed up as Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, there were also some cool cars, it felt so surreal it was like we were in an old movie set from the 1950's or something.

We were only given 15 minutes to explore, but that's all I needed because when I got back on the coach I was happy and buzzing, I couldn't wait to get to the Grand Canyon and tick it off my bucket list. 

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