Grand Canyon National Park - Arizona

Visiting the Grand Canyon has been on my bucket list since I was in primary school when I found out about it in Geography and History lessons. We travelled with the Canyon Tours company from Nevada to Arizona, and on the way to the National Park we stopped off at the National Geographic visitors centre where we were all given a complimentary lunch voucher which was unexpected so that was a nice touch to the trip.

When we got to the south rim of the Grand Canyon National Park we were dropped off at the Mather Point visitor centre and were given about 3 hours to walk to the pick up centre at Bright Angel Lodge. Walking from Mather Point along the trail of time to Bright Angel Lodge were amazing views, my pictures really do not do the place justice, its definitely a once in a lifetime thing to do because no pictures will ever capture the beautiful scenic views of the Grand Canyon the same as seeing it for yourself.

Sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon gave me a wonderful sense of freedom, the hippie side of me must of came out because I loved the natural beauty of the rock formations, the sound of silence was peaceful and watching eagles gliding so close by was beautiful to watch.

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