Thing's to do at the Grand Canyon - Arizona

There's more than just breathtaking views to see at the Grand Canyon

During a holiday in Las Vegas, I went on a day trip with Canyon Tours to visit a natural beauty - the Grand Canyon National Park. You can see my original travel diary post here, for more snaps and the above video shows some of my time in Santa Monica, CA and the views of me hiking around the south rim of the canyon.

This post is to mainly share with you other photos I didn't post in my original travel diary and to totally recommend you to do a day trip to the Grand Canyon if you go to Las Vegas, Arizona or if you're taking a road trip around the USA. The views of the Grand Canyon are amazing, and the experience brought out my inner hippie, no photos can do the Grand Canyon justice, compared to seeing it for yourself - it truly is remarkable.

The Grand Canyon had been on my bucket list since Primary School, it's something I have always wanted to see, and when I booked my trip to Las Vegas I instantly knew I had to take advantage of Arizona being a nearby state to Nevada and go on a full day excursion. We went on the trip with Canyon Tours, and it was great fun, the tour guide told us lots of fascinating stories about the place.

There are a lot of different tour packages you can buy, from visiting the Canyon by helicopter, taking a boat ride with a picnic stop or simply hiking the south or west rim by foot.

National Geographic Visitor Center

Before I got to the south rim of the canyon, we stopped at the National Geographic visitor center where the tour company gave everyone a complimentary lunch voucher, which was unexpected, the food was really good too. There's also an IMAX film showing the history of the canyon and souvenir stores.

El Tovar Hotel

Located on the Grand Canyon's rim is a Norwegian style pine hotel, which would be a fantastic place to stay at if you were hiking the entire rim of the historic site.


If you hike the west rim and are not afraid of heights, then walking the skywalk would be pretty cool. It's a horse shoe shaped walkway hanging over the edge of the rim, oh and its has a glass bottom too!

Grand Canyon Villa Historic District

This is located on the south rim, and is a great place to stop off at to relax after hiking and have some lunch while finding out about the canyons history.

Lookout studio

The first photo of this post shows a snap I took inside the lookout studio windows, it's also where I found a spider skin nearby which from the size of it I am guessing it was a tarantula. Luckily it was only its skin, and not the spider itself, else I probably would have made the world record for the fastest person to run the entire canyon rim.

Hopi House

Located on the south rim is Hopi House, a native American arts and crafts place selling things like Navaho rugs.

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