My Top 10 Travel Bucket List

Since a very young age, all I have ever wanted to do is travel. After spending the summer of 2015 travelling a few states in America and some places in Spain, I have well and truly caught the travel bug and all I do and think about is going on my next adventure. I recently started a dedicated travel Instagram page @sian.victoria.travels

 so if you want to see some of my travel snaps that haven't featured on the blog, then I would love it if you gave me a follow on there, so I can share my travel journey with you. I wont be happy until I have visited every nook and cranny of this beautiful planet, but for now here's my Top 10 travel bucket list.


As I love anything to do with history and architecture Dubrovnik a city in southern Croatia looks like a lovely little place to visit, its a world heritage site so it would be great to just stroll around the old town visiting museums and the bell tower. They have a cable car which takes you up to the top of a mountain to watch the sun go down, there's also a restaurant up there so you can sit back and eat local cuisine while taking in the stunning views.


Almost everyday when I browse my Instagram feed, I come across enchanting photos taken in Marrakesh, Morocco. Its a place located in North Africa, it had rugged mountains, a large amount of desert and absolutely dreamy buildings with mesmerizing interior designs. I can just picture myself strolling around the colorful morrocon markets, picking up some spices, textiles and eating falafel and taking #fromwhereistand selfies with the pretty tiled floors.


A picturesque greek island with amazing idyllic views, is a place I have dreamed of going too for so long. I recently discovered The Santorini Animal Welfare Association (SAWA), who care for dogs, cats and donkeys etc by taking them off the streets and giving them lots of love and attention. It would be a fantastic opportunity to volunteer for them, as I am a huge animal lover so caring for some beautiful creatures while taking in the beautiful views of the volcanic island sounds perfect to me.


It goes without saying why I would want to visit the Maldives, hopefully when I break up from university in the summer, I am planning for this to be my first trip, so keep your eyes peeled for lots of Maldives travel diary spamming in a couple of months.


When I was in Spain in August last year for a couple of weeks, we were watching a programme in the hotel showing all around Seville and all the recommended things to do, eat and see. We really wanted to travel down there from Barcelona, but as it was coming to the end of our holiday we never got the chance. The place has stunning Gothic buildings just like Barcelona, and there is a cathedral where you can check out views of the city from the tower.


Another picturesque island, full of culture, historic buildings and monuments. A place that's recommend highly is visiting the Uluwatu Temple which is home to lots of monkeys! so that's a must see. There's also some amazing villas and houses on Clickstay that you can rent, with infinity pools and ocean views, they would be perfect to stay in with a group of friends or as a couple and spend your days diving, being a tourist or simply relaxing and watching the gorgeous purple skies as the sun sets.


Other than checking out the colourful painted buildings in Norway, I would love to see the also very colourful northern lights as well as visiting an ice bar and attempt at learning how to ski, which is a sport I have always wanted to try out.


Is another captivating destination which also takes over my Instagram feed regularly. It has an amazing culture with striking temples, it would be great to take a guided tour to find out all about the place and its history.


Also has some brilliant rentals available on Clickstay, not so far away from the magical resort of Walt Disney World which is obviously a must see if your going to Florida. The historic district of downtown Miami is also a place I would love to go and wonder around.


I went to Turkey with my parents over a decade ago, so cant really remember what it was like, but its a place all my friends and family re-visit every year, so I would like to go there again and experience it properly. It would be fantastic to go on a hot air balloon tour, its another thing I have always wanted to do, so it would be a great experience with a beautiful birds eye view of Turkey.

Disclaimer: Collaboration with Clickstay, all images are from Pixabay