Volcano Hike, Hot Springs, Thirassia Island & Caldera Sunset

A boat trip to hike a still active volcano, swim in hot sulphur, explore an island with only 250 residents and ending with a beautiful sunset on-board.

Aside from volunteering at the amazing Santorini Animal Welfare Association every morning, the day I went on an excursion with Jason Boat was the highlight of my two weeks in Santorini. The 'Afternoon trip with Jason Boat' excursion is listed on the Kamari tours website. I booked the trip online for 35 euros each, and it includes a visit to a still active volcano, the hot springs, Thirasia Island and a caldera sunset. 

A coach picked us up in Karterados and drove a small group of us down a winding narrow road to get to the Old port of Fira, where we then jumped onto the Jason Boat to sail the Southern Aegean sea. From the boat there were beautiful views of Santorini, and along the way we passed stunning cruise ships that were dropping off tourists for a day in Oia and Fira.

The first stop of the trip was a hike on a still active volcano, our tour guide shared fascinating stories with us about the volcanic island and the surrounding islands of Santorini. Hiking the volcano was steep in some areas, but it didn't take long to get to the top and all the young and elderly people on the tour managed it in the gorgeous Greek heat.

After hiking the volcano it was time to go swimming in the hot springs that are rich in sulphur, giving it an orange colour. The boat couldn't stop close enough to where you can see the orange water, so I couldn't get a photo and I came without my waterproof camera accessories. We jumped off the boat and swam a little distance till we got to the lovely warm water, the bottom of the sea was full of mud, if only I could have took some home with me for a face mask. The sulphur rich water stained my bikini, however on the plus side it did a great job at clearing my skin!

Next up was a trip to Thirasia Island, the island doesn't have many people living there (I think the tour guide said only 250) so it was a cool experience. The people of Thirasia were lovely and welcoming, they spoke good English. There were so many cats and dogs, I fell in love with the blue and brown eyed dog above, I wanted to take him home, although he was well looked after. We explored the island for a bit and ate chips in a bag at one of the few restaurants on the island.

And finally after a 7-hour excursion, it ended with watching an amazing Caldera sunset on board the boat. It was such a lovely day and a great experience, it was also really nice getting to chat to other tourists, there were couples and groups of friends from Argentina, California, Singapore and Italy. I totally recommend the experience if you're planning a holiday in Santorini next summer.

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