Exploring Karterados - Santorini, Greece

Karterados is home to an amazing bakery, a beautiful old village full of whitewashed buildings and is within walking distance to the capital

So my two weeks on the beautiful greek island of Santorini is over, and its back to reality with my final year of university about to begin. You can watch the video above to see what I got up to during my free time in Santorini exploring the island. But if you read my previous post, you would know that the main reason why I was in Santorini was because I was volunteering at the Santorini Animal Welfare Association, SAWA is a dog shelter that I have been wanting to volunteer at for some time, you can read the post and watch a video of me volunteering here

To be near the shelter, I stayed at the Emmanouela Studios during my trip, the family run hotel was basic and certainly not blog worthy considering the amazing hotels that you could stay at in Oia or Fira, but the Emmanouela Studios was in a good location to get to the shelter, all the restaurants and supermarkets on the Karterados strip and within walking distance of Fira, the capital of Santorini. There is a bus stop outside the Karterados supermarket, and one day we jumped on a bus to Fira and paid 1.60 euro each and we were at the main Fira bus station within a minute or two. We didn't realise how close it was to Karterados, so after that, we just walked it whenever we wanted to visit the capital.

From Karterados and Fira you can travel to all the popular destinations on the island for a small fee usually between 1.60-2.40 euro. The buses run every 20 minutes, some till the early hours of the morning. Which was great as we didn't want to hire a quad, scooter or car as the roads are chaos during peak season.

Karterados is a lovely place and is home to an old village and an original cave house, so it was nice to walk around and take photos. There were plenty of hotels but also lots of homes too and the locals were very friendly. 

Our room at the Emmanouela Studios had a balcony and a stairway that led to the roof, this was our favourite thing about the hotel because in the morning we would get the east coast sunrise views. Every morning I would quickly get washed and dressed then go up to the roof to watch the sunrise before heading out to volunteer at the shelter for a couple of hours, it was such a nice way to start the day. I loved every minute of volunteering at the dog shelter, and I recommend anyone who has a love for dogs, cats, donkeys, puppies, horses and pigs to volunteer there as it was the highlight of my entire trip, so much so that I plan to go back to Santorini to volunteer again.

Another great thing about staying in Karterados is that it was much cheaper compared to Fira and Oia. There was also a good selection of restaurants to eat at, from a Pizzeria, Chinese, Indian, Cafes, Bars, traditional Greek food and some English options. After volunteering, we would walk up towards Fira looking for brunch, and we would always stop at the Chefs Garden for poached eggs on toast with guacamole, hummus, mushrooms and tomatoes drizzled with sweet chilli sauce.

Behind the bus shelter in Karterados there is a popular bakers called Erotokritos Cretan Bakery, selling all sorts of sweet treats, cakes, breads, pizzas and sandwiches, we ate their regularly as everything tasted amazing and it was ridiculously cheap, the veggie sandwich and cake shown above were only 2 euros. So if you're visiting Santorini on a budget, you should definitely check out the bakery. They bakery also owned the Sweet Cone shop a few doors down, they sold delicious crepes and waffles for 5 euros.

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