Fira, Imerovigli & Firostefani - Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a Greek Island once damaged by a volcanic eruption, its rugged landscape and whitewashed cubiform houses built within the cliff edge overlooking the Aegean sea is just one of the reasons why you should visit.. 

On a beautiful sunny day in Santorini, I visited Fira the capital of this stunning Greek island. After some delicious food from a veggie pita place, I went exploring up and down the narrow cobbled paths and walked as far as my little legs could take me and stumbled across so many stunning homes with pools looking over the caldera. There were so many gorgeous homes and hotels with an idyllic view of the volcano and Therasia island, hopefully, the next time I visit Santorini I will be staying in one of them...a girl can dream.

If you carry on walking up from Fira you will find the villages of Firostefani and Imerovigli, I just kept walking and snapping photos along the way. We stopped walking when we got to the part of the island that comes out (you can see this in the photo).

Along the way, there were plenty of churches in the Cycladic architecture style, that makes this island so popular and unique. During my two weeks in Greece, I took hundreds of photos, so I have picked my favourite and put them in these collages so this post wasn't as photo heavy, if you want to see more then I would love it if you gave my video a watch, it shows everything I got up too on this trip.

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